Thursday, August 04, 2016

Uptown grandmother killed in drive-by: I love barbeques, picnics and going to the zoo with my grandkids

Penny Gearhart (Facebook)
CWB Chicago has confirmed the identity of the 57-year-old woman who was killed during a drive-by shooting in Uptown yesterday afternoon.

Penny Gearhart, who lived in the 4500 block of N. Broadway, was an unintended victim of the shooter. A 58-year-old man was also shot in the leg.

Last week, Streetwise published Gearhart's favorite things about summer:
My favorite part about the summer is the warm weather; I don’t like the cold now that I am older. I love barbeques, picnics, beach parties and enjoy going to the Lincoln Park Zoo with my grandkids. That is usually the highlight of my summer. If you have children or grandchildren I recommend going to the Lincoln Park Zoo because it is always fun and it’s free! They have lots of things for kids to do. They have an awesome petting zoo and a rest area with picnic tables that provide coloring books and have other activities for the kids. Chicago fests are always fun, too. The music and food are always enjoyable! That is one of the great things about Chicago summers – there is always something fun to do!
Keith Landers, another Streetwise vendor, also shared his favorite Chicago summertime activities. He ended his entry with this:
One more thing: Chicago, put the guns down. Please.
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  1. That is so so dark

  2. I'm sure the residents in Uptown will be calmed by another e-mail from Cappleman stating it's "gang-related" and "crime is down" by whatever dumb metrics he uses. Maybe he'll even lie again about the manpower in the district.

    1. Yes, you have to watch out for those "Grandmother" gangs. They will come after you with their walkers.

  3. Other news sources say the man was a gang member (you know things are rotten when we have 60 year old gang members). Was she with him? Walking near him? Where are the details?

  4. Terrible. So sorry to hear. When the gangs spread this is what happens. We know they are terrible shots. Does a soccer mom have to die before the city clamps down in this?

  5. Cappleman is a loser who is soft on crime and afraid to stand up to Rahm.

  6. Where in hell is the gang task force, National Guard, Supt. Eddie? Appalling, terrifying ↓. Every day, they're more emboldened because they face no impediments, no flood of officers, no serious consequences. God help us if something doesn't get done ASAP, there will be more death. Mercy.

    5 mugged on North Side in less than an hour

  7. The week wouldn't have been complete without another (double) shooting ... This time overnight at Bemont - Sheffield