Monday, August 15, 2016

Three Robbed, Others Beaten On Belmont Avenue Sunday

Three people reported being robbed in separate incidents Sunday, all along the infamous “Helmont” strip—a short stretch of Belmont Avenue between Halsted and Sheffield that routinely sees more robberies and violence than any other part of our neighborhood.

The first victim, a 26-year-old man, was beaten with an unknown object and robbed outside of Seven nightclub at Belmont and Halsted around 2:45AM. Two suspects were taken into custody about 10 minutes later and charges were pending. An ambulance transported the victim to Illinois Masonic Medical Center for treatment.

About one hour later, a wheelchair-bound man told police that five offenders—described only as black men—surrounded and robbed him near the Belmont Red Line station. The victim said that one of the robbers displayed a knife. No one was in custody.

Fewer details are available about the third incident. According to a knowledgeable source, a man told police around 1:30PM Sunday that he was also robbed near the Belmont Red Line station. A report was filed, but it was not available for review on Monday.

Street Messtival

Police also took reports from at least two victims who sought treatment at local hospitals after being caught up in a street brawl near Belmont and Clark around 4 o’clock Sunday morning.

A witness reported a car window being broken out and at least eight male offenders fighting or attacking people in the street. One victim transported himself to St. Joseph’s Hospital with serious injuries. A less-seriously injured man was treated and released from Illinois Masonic Medical Center. No one is in custody.
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  1. But isn't everything wonderful, Tommy Tunney? Isn't it wonderful here in Ward 44? You must be so proud of your Ward and all that you do on behalf of your taxpaying constituents! We're all so honored to have you as our alderpuss!! Rah Rah Rah! Three roots for Tommy!!

    1. I haven't decided which one turns by stomach more Rahm or Tommy.
      And yet the superintendent of Chicago is saying he's sick and tired of all the shooting .. Hello you ride around with a gun and how many people protecting you and the mayor and the alderman as well.

      Hey fool guess what your tax paying citizens are tired of it too.
      When are you going to stop telling us how tired of it you are and start solving the problem ??
      Coming from an over tax citizen from the 19th district ... Rahm you're more than welcome to free up a few of those cars guarding-you and your family to my block we would love to have them!

  2. The police are trying to keep Rahm's son out of trouble.

  3. For the scum that robbed a guy in a get a slow soak in a leprosy bath.
    Everybody else Toni and Kim will give you a pat on the head and a $10 Burger King gift card for the trouble of being detained by the po-lice.