Monday, August 01, 2016

Police investigate Lincoln Park carjacking

A woman reported being carjacked at gunpoint on a busy Lincoln Park street Sunday evening—and an off-duty cop says he saw the whole thing. Chicago police have recovered the woman’s vehicle, but the suspect remains at large.

The woman and the off-duty officer said that a man approached the woman near Halsted and Wrightwood around 5:15PM Sunday and pulled out a black handgun. He jumped into the woman’s Volkswagen and sped westbound on Wrightwood.

Cops were able to track pings from the woman’s cellphone, which was still in the stolen car along with her purse.

They quickly found the car abandoned near Diversey and Seminary, police said.

Witnesses described the offenders as a heavyset black man weighing about 300 pounds and wearing a long sleeve red shirt and a black backpack.
The next community policing meeting for Wrigleyville and Boystown will be at the 19th district station, 850 W. Addison, at 7PM on Wednesday, August 3.


  1. How nice, this happened just as I was walking in that area with my wife and daughter, meeting up with my son, who recently moved to the area, for a pre cubs game dinner. Maybe he drove past me. No wonder I worried about being car-jacked when returning to my car after the game...

  2. I have been assaulted in my home and on the Lakeview streets in the middle of the day. Both times I called police and police volunteered this to me. That I and the other neighbors need to carry base ball bats and in a group club the criminals and run off. Police told me to get a FOID card and a hand gun which I did. I do not ever go any where in this neighborhood with out a box cutter or more on me. Don't vote for Tunney or judge Luckman ever again. I no longer give money to the Center On Halsted or deal with them because they harbor these criminals down here. Center makes money off these criminals. One thief tells 10 more thieves how he got away with crime in this neighborhood and then 12 more come up every day.

    1. I wrote to the Whole Foods on Halsted and told them that I don't feel safe going to their Lakeview store. Hopefully it will have some impact.

    2. I refuse to update my driver's license after I moved so I can't get a FOID (address on I.D. doesn't match my mailing address). But I do carry a knife in a bag. The knife is stuck in Styrofoam which lies at the bottom of the small bag. All I have to do is reach in and take it out. I don't plan on getting mugged but I'm ready. I know this is slapshod but I don't get out of Chicago often these days and I can't find any switchblades. Is their legal sale banned in the City?

    3. I wrote Whole Foods several years ago after being accosted (thank God for windows, door locks, and no one driving on Waveland) trying to get out of the parking garage. I had my two children with me. A couple of people that loiter that corner and around the garage exit screaming at me that I "owed" them. They were advancing on my car from both sides, so I laid on the horn and took off.

      I received the standard "sorry this happened to you" response from the local store. From corporate, I received the locations of other Whole Foods nearby.

      So, good luck with that.

    4. Not sure that fighting back is a good idea..

  3. There's got to be surveillance cameras of this happening or his travelling, walking.