Saturday, August 06, 2016

Man tries to disarm cop at Belmont & Sheffield

A Chicago police officer who intervened in a street fight at Belmont and Sheffield this morning was injured when one of the participants tried to take the cop's handgun. The officer was injured as he tried to avoid being disarmed.

The offender is in custody.

This morning's incident unfolded almost exactly 24 hours after two people were shot in a gang-related drive-by shooting at the same intersection.

The injured officer and his partner saw a fight break out on the street at 3:03 this morning and called for additional units to assist. But before back-up arrived, the officers found themselves overwhelmed as one man tried to take an officer's weapon.

An ambulance transported the injured officer to Illinois Masonic Medical Center.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.
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  1. Was there a patrol car stationed there at the time? If not, perhaps it's time to put one there given some of the uhhhh, more serious recent events.

    1. Not enough manpower to down a car for that. Better that people start acting like humans instead of animals.

    2. how come andersonville can have 2 squads outside the starbucks on berwyn all day and night?

  2. Jamal green punched a cop in the mouth and tried to grab his gun but he was allowed out thanks to Rahm who is afraid if he doesn't give the city to the criminals he won't be reelected.

    1. do you read the papers? jamal green was indicted on five felonies

  3. This is a danger we have to worry about that most don't understand. Cops always being a gun to a fight and it just takes one good hit to the chin to render us unconscious. My friend was beat in 007 breaking up a domestic a few years back. The offender hit him with a baseball bat in the head. He began convulsing from a seizure and the offender tried to take his weapon but didn't know where the second release was. Instead, he said "fuck it" and hit him again in the head. He'll never be the same. Permanent brain damage but is still on the job.

  4. Whoever the offender was is probably back on the streets courtesy of Judge Luckman. Watch your wallets, cell phones, and please try to dodge any stray bullets as you cross Belmont....I also suggest that Lakeview residents observe a self-imposed curfew between 9AM and 7PM though that is no guarantee of safety in Gotham. I think it's safer in Rio Mr. Tunney

  5. Busy corner lately

  6. lest see was your doors and windows unlocked? Did you use the alley and were you too inebriated were you using your cell phone or was a criminal loitering again for the thousandth time down here. GET A CLUE CHECK ID'S OF LOITERS

    1. The ACLU says that's illegal.

      When Rahm invited the DOJ in to investigate the CPD, it changed everything. Any cop taking the initiative to be proactive is subjecting themselves to criticism, ridicule, suspension or being fired if the slightest thing goes wrong. They have removed ANY incentive to be aggressive. You can't force average cops to be good cops but you can force good cops to be more average. Call it the Ferguson effect if you like but police officers are learning every day that it is much wiser and safer for them to go from job to job, writing reports and not getting overly involved in anything. Sad but true.

    2. Get a clue... Loitering isn't illegal so how do the police legally stop and check id's?

    3. What language is the comment written in by the 9:07pm poster?

    4. The DOJ is taking over police departments in many cities. Obama wants to take over local police.
      Hope and Change.

    5. Gosh. "Obama" had better get to work. He's only got a few months left!

  7. It's so sad to see the 1925 -1924 community beat meetings and the police panel saying crime is down crime is down crime is down year after year . Only few people called out the real facts and they were quickly chastised to shut up . The truth hurts doesn't it? It's uncomfortable but nonetheless the truth . Look in the mirror residents and Cpd, don't expect to be told the truth at these meetings. As for the woman who asked for the exact numbers of cops who are detailed out verse assigned to 19 and the woman who inquired and persisted why COH has people arrested but NEVER shows up and prosecutes in court you are 100% correct ! People who know truth and call what's going on are the real genuine caring residents, not the ones that swallow everything that is said to them without asking real questions ,who have the balls. Crime is down, ha ha , yeah okay skippy!!!!!! Fact #1 center on halsted and former Broadway youth center and the crib shelter embraces and loves all the criminals in lakeview ! The facts speak for themselves

  8. CAPS meetings are there to tell you what they want you to think. Anything the public says they dont care about and are not going to do. Do you concerned citizens actually think they are going to do things your way or to actually protect you. I have been going for Y E A R S and the same questions keep coming up. And Tunney love it that you spend time with things that dont cost him a penny like dog walking and trading each others phone numbers. By the way for YEARS people been trading phone numbers and dog walking and that does not cut down crime. and for year Tunney and police have been insulting you telling you the problems are you keep leaving your windows and doors unlocked you keep using your cell phones walking down alleys and your too inebriated, funny only 1 person questioned that BS because I'm sick of that insult being thrown in our faces

    1. The police insult you by telling you how to not become an easy victim? I'm sorry, princess, you must not be from Chicago. This ain't the suburbs, buddy. I can't stand how this city is full of liberals like you that never experienced violence and then you blame those that try to help you. Your ignorance is beyond help. We were able to lock this city down prior to all the hipsters and liberals that have destroyed our city with their policies, utopian and socialism view of society and the neutering of cops. But what do I know? I grew up here, went to school with people from the projects, work as a cop and have never been a victim of violent crime because I know how to spot patterns/predators and not do stupid stuff (walking with iPhone out by large groups know). If I need to defend myself, I will. You are just hopeless. Go back to the suburbs.

    2. Sorry buddy - I'm a big supporter of cops. With my own checkbook as well as my taxes.
      And I'm far from a liberal. But "lock down the city"? Fuck sake.
      It might just be you who's beyond help.
      The guy above simply stated what's often true...Most often true...that CPD brass won't call it as it really is.
      Two cars in the 019th overnight? Two maybe four cars running up and down LSD all night, doing nothing? How many times guys going home early on the overnight? How many not even showing up? Where are you going to find this out? At a CAPS meeting?
      How much REAL info are you likely to get? Little. Very little.
      You missed the point officer. By a long shot.
      CPD is no clean slate dude. How'd the whole David Koschman thing happen?
      The citizen above wasn't blaming cops. He was lamenting the same lousy stuff you are.

    3. "CPD is no clean slate dude" doesn't sound too supportive lol. You say our brass is screwed up but are blaming cops for taking time on the end or taking off. Do you take days off ever? Apparently not. We should not want to or be allowed to take any time off. Our brass doesn't even control politicians and what they do. I'm not even a fan of our brass but at the same time what are they supposed to do when faced with personal ruin at the hands of politicians. I didn't miss the point at all. The original poster complained about advice. Sound advice.

      By rhetorically asking if you think "they" are going to protect you, who should I assume the poster is referring to? The bosses? Well, no, obviously not because they are administrative, it's the blue shirts that are on the streets. So yeah, it does seem like a knock against us. Either way, I don't care. It's the same when someone says "I support you guys, but you suck" and "you just suck and we hate you." I'be been requesting more time off and volunteering less for overtime, as many are. That's our right as citizens. You may not like it but I think it's unfair for you and others to argue that we should care and put our whole lives into this negative and draining job. I want to stay healthy, mentally, emotionally and physically. I will do so wether people think I should or not. I'm not a slave, I have given a lot to this city and country.

      I will agree that, from the sound of it, your district is short staffed. That is both an issue for crime control as well as officer safety. I'm in a unit and we work in really fast districts. We have tons of cops. Is it fair? Absolutely not. However, if you think CPD can control those issues and that they are separated from political control, then I would say you missed the point. Just because we have tons of cops, doesn't mean we can be the police, hence my reference of locking the city down (a reference to being the effective police that were once feared by criminals.). That era is gone and it is not possible for us to be proactive. Now, if you think I'm delusional, take the test, wear the uniform and experience our job from the inside. Your opinions may change just a tad. Have a good day.

    4. Look, officer
      1) The OP was clearly referring to the alderman and CAPS. He said "...Tunney and police have been insulting you telling you the problems are you keep leaving your windows and doors unlocked you keep using your cell phones... " Read it, and read it in context. It's very clear. He's complaining that the issue of crime isn't being addressed, not ragging on beat cops.
      2) You then call him 'princess'. Nice! You say 'Your ignorance is beyond help.' and command that he 'Go back to the suburbs.'
      Fucking well done there. That guy is a citizen who's obviously on your side. And your idea is...what? Partnership? Protect and Serve? Win friends and influence people? Buddy that attitude is a disgrace to the uniform.
      Want respect? Great. Show some respect.
      3) RE: CPD is no clean slate.
      That's the truth. You know it. I know it. And so does everybody else.
      That doesn't mean that the vast majority of cops aren't good people, aren't good officers. They are. No doubt.
      But - to deny the management problems, and to deny that are way more than a handful of shitty cops, with shitty practices and shitty attitudes...well that's insulting. And it would doubly insult someone of your capacity. SO I refuse to do that.
      To lie about those problems is to perpetuate the current shitty situation. Believe it or not, we're on the same side.
      4) I didn't say, and I don't think you are delusional. Not at all.
      It's a damn hard time to be a cop. And PART of the reason for it (part, not all) is the long tradition of protect-your-own, admit-no-fault.
      You want 'the (minority) community' to step up an take responsibility / not harbor bad actors? Yeah. Fair. So do I. It's a disgrace that it doesn't happen.
      And the same applies to the thin blue line.
      Do I really need to list ALL of the names from Jon Burge to Jason Van Dyke? People who should never have worn the uniform and who are shielded, even revered, to this day? Please. What say we hold everybody to the same standard? The faster we do, the faster it gets fixed.
      Because the current situation sucks. It sucks for the citizens and it sucks for good officers.
      5) Lock downs and 'wearing the uniform'.
      A lock down is something done in a prison. Just as you are not a 'slave' sir, citizens are not prisoners. That's what separates us from North Korea and Iran. Citizens, including you, have rights.
      Now, I've been along. I've seen cops at their best. I've seen citizens at their worst. I've given my personal condolences and concern to the cops who shot and killed my brother in law...because they had to.
      And all of that changes not one thing I've said (above). Not one.
      Maybe the job is getting to you. I don't know, but I really hope not. Very much.
      So maybe you can read this. Maybe your sense of the way forward, and of what constitutes respect, can change just a tad. Have a good day.

  9. This is a continuation of the war on police started by the hands up don't shoot fantasy after the justifiable killing of Mike brown who tried taking a cops gun. The media in this town is now totally United to protect the criminals and the protesters. This is all on the orders of Rahm to get reelected. Why is the superintendent of police giving his cell number to criminals who punched cops like Jamal green.

  10. Shut down Berlin and Big City Tap at 2am like all the Clark Street bars are required to do. Until that happens expect more of the same.

  11. the police need to bring back wood night sticks, and training. You can hold people off with one of those till help comes.

  12. I hope all the violence stops, but it needs to keep spilling out into the "flagship" neighborhoods so people can start caring.