Monday, August 01, 2016

DOGNAPPING: Pooch Shanghaied at Belmont and LSD

Image: Connecting The Windy City
A Lakeview man told police that his beagle-retriever mix was dognapped as he walked the pooch near Belmont and Lake Shore Drive early Thursday.

No one is in custody and the dog, named Bailey, has not been found.

A stranger snatched Bailey’s leash from the man’s hand as they walked near the Gen. Philip Sheridan monument at 3 o’clock Thursday morning, the victim said.

The thief and Bailey were last seen running southbound on Inner Lake Shore Drive.

Officers drove Bailey’s owner around the neighborhood in an effort to find the pup, but their efforts were not successful.

The thief is described as a Middle Eastern male wearing a dark sweater with blue jeans.
The next community policing meeting for Wrigleyville and Boystown will be at the 19th district station, 850 W. Addison, at 7PM on Wednesday, August 3.


  1. Wtf?..if someone tried to grab my dog it would be a fight to the death.

    1. Agreed. There would be a death before somebody ran off with my dog. That city is officially totally out of control.

    2. Yes. It would be a duel to either death or honor has been satisfied and I still have my dog.

  2. There was a guy at the uptown jewel on broadway, panhandling with a dog that seemed like it wasnt his. On sat.

  3. We're assuming this was an able bodied man, and he could have been disabled and elderly.

  4. Horrific! I pray the dog is found and returned to his owner.

  5. The dog kept running with the stranger?

  6. The dog kept running with the stranger?"

    A cynical dog observer once said, "If you think your dog loves you, try leaving your door open."