Monday, August 08, 2016

Court Report: Local Robbery Offenders Head To Prison

Some of of our neighborhood’s robbery offenders have been handed serious prison time, a too-rare occurrence in Cook County.

Of course, the courts have dispensed a generous amount of the county’s more typical  offender-friendly version of justice, too. Here are some recent court developments:

20 Years

First up, 27-year-old McKale Mitchell. He received a 20 year sentence after pleading guilty to the October 25, 2014, beating and robbery of a woman near Belmont and Sheffield while he was on parole. Witnesses reported that the offender was wearing a $1,000 bright red Pelle Pelle coat. Cops arrested Mitchell the next morning at Belmont and Halsted after his distinctive coat caught their eye. Mitchell's parole date has not yet been set.

13 Years

Demourle Moore, 21, receive a 13 year prison sentence for robbing a woman at gunpoint near Surf and Broadway on August 20, 2014. Responding officers followed pings from the woman’s stolen iPhone to locate Moore near Western and Irving Park Road.

Moore is scheduled to be paroled on February 9, 2021. His co-offender, Malik Cole, received a 12 year sentence last year.

10 Years

Clark A. Garrett, 24, has received a 10 year sentence for robbing the same North Center 7-Eleven store that he went to prison for robbing in 2012. Garrett was arrested on December 18 after robbing the store at 3801 N. Western while pretending to have a handgun. He was on parole at the time, having been released 3 months earlier after serving part of a 3 year sentence for robbing same store on August 21, 2012.

His parole date is set for December 11, 2020.

5 Years Probation

Two juveniles received sentences of five years probation last week in connection with a robbery at Addison and Pine Grove on April 10th. A 14-year-old girl was charged as a juvenile along with the 17-year-old boy who brandished a look-alike firearm during the hold up. Both offenders will also serve 40 hours of community service.

5 Years

This is the part of our story where we start to see sentences that are more typical of Cook County’s wrist-slapping style.

Willie Madden, 19, received a five  year sentence after pleading guilty to robbing four people in the course of one night over Memorial Day weekend. Police said Madden, a juvenile, and two others who were never charged indicated that they had a firearm as they robbed their victims during a spree late May 29 and into May 30 of this year.

Cops caught up with the crew at Belmont and Racine by following the pings from their last victim’s cellphone.

Madden is scheduled to be paroled on November 29, 2018.

“Second Chance” Probation

19-year-old Jalon Middlebrooks received a sentence of two years “second chance probation” after he pleaded guilty to robbing a man near the Sheridan Red Line station on April 2. The victim told police that he was robbed by a man who was wearing a white mask and holding a camera tripod that he pretended was a gun. Middlebrooks was arrested nearby. Carrying a camera tripod. And with a white mask propped on top of his head.

Two Years Probation

Joshua Cavin, 19, received two years probation after pleading guilty to attacking and robbing a man less than 100 feet from the 19th district police station on January 17. The first year of his sentence will be “gang probation,” according to court records.

Mugshots: Cavin and Middlebrooks via Chicago Police Department; all others via Illinois Department of Corrections
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  1. part of all these crooks sentence should be to never be in this neighborhood ever again since they think all the high tax paying residences are to be robed by them

    1. All of these criminals should be strapped with a GPS tracking device when released from custody.

    2. "robbed" and the reason we are happy to see them sentenced and complain about the lack of sentencing is because its supposed to be punishment for his crime. make them do the time. Banishment and tracking devices after they do the time are ridiculous and unAmerican. Don't let the lack of enforcement make you ridiculous. You live in the city, high taxes and no taxes.

    3. You're referring to electronic monitoring (EM). It seems to make not a bit of difference in court. I've arrested dope boys and convicted felons with guns on EM. No one cares in court. EM is more effective for domestic battery victims (phone call when a victim's abuser on EM enters geographically restricted territory). Other than that, it's a joke.

  2. I'm wondering if Judge Luckman was threatened with violence if he issued longer sentences...or possibly offered riches if he issued shorter sentences.

  3. the "youths" and the two young guys get probation. Why do I think the next time around they will up there in the 10-20 year group. "Second chance" means second chance to rob and assault , like the 7-11 dude who kept coming back. He gets to do hard time now. The only super size he will get is an extra helping of mystery meat on holidays.

  4. I still can't believe people receive probation for armed robbery.

  5. The more that I read on this blog, the more I am beginning to think that the lifestyle practiced by many of the neighborhood residents acts like a magnet to attract just another version of society's misfits. Stuff like this was not as prevalent ten years ago, before it became ok to walk around in public wearing only a Speedo or pajama bottoms. It all begins with the same mentality.

    1. "Stuff like this was not as prevalent ten years ago, before it became ok to walk around in public wearing only a Speedo or pajama bottoms."

      I gotta tell you, people have been wearing a LOT less than Speedos and pajama bottoms around here for a long time. It's actually boring now compared to 10 or 20 years ago. So, Speedos are probably not the problem.

    2. Totally, all these people wearing less clothing are just asking to be beaten and robbed.

      Get real.

    3. So they were asking for it?

      I'll tell you why they come here to commit crimes. The thugs figure we are easy victims. My advice is to get your FIOD card, take a concealed carry class, buy a gun and learn how to use it. It is going to get worse before it gets better (if it ever does).

    4. You are "dead-bang" real, but I'm afraid that you missed the whole point that as societal norms and morality are allowed to decay under the guise of 'political correctness,' it just festers like a disease and gradually spreads to yet another group of social misfits who are attracted by the carefree lifestyles and lack of decent social conduct exhibited by most of the neighborhood inhabitants. Just look around for yourself, and then ask yourself "why is all this happening?"

    5. "...It all begins with the same mentality." Blame the victims much?
      You just cannot be morally or intellectually serious. Cripes.

    6. Ohhhh I agree.
      We should blame the victims, increase taxes because...well just because..., ban speedos and pajama bottoms, decrease the harmful police presence, and then just wait for the neighborhood to empty out.
      Then, presto! No crime!
      well-thought there OP. Suggest a visit to the brain doctor forthwith. (That means 'real soon'.)

  6. And how long will it be before we see them back on the street doing robberies again? I'll bet nowhere near the full term of their sentences.

  7. Rod Blagojevich - re-sentenced today to 14 years with a release date of 2024 - just for being whatever you want to call what he was convicted of......Now, take a look at the pieces of excrement in the CWB article above who robbed, beat, and attacked our residents.... Great to see the long sentences for most of these losers, but how in the world can they be paroled in two or three years after being convicted of heinous crimes, while Blago is made to serve a full sentence. This makes no f-ing sense whatsoever. It's unfortunate that Judge Luckman didn't preside over the Blagojevich re-sentencing. It might serve Lakeviews best interests if Justice Zagel was reassigned to the Belmont/Western Courthouse.

    1. "Makes no f-ing sense whatsoever."
      Try this: Blago stole from every man woman and child in the state. Every one. Then he, and the lovely Patty drag their kids into court to beg for him - a disgrace repeated this week. Then they play the victim card...again. All while refusing to admit he ever did anything except 'made mistakes while in office'.
      Zagel should have tacked on an additional 5 years.

    2. Blago was found guilty on 17 felony counts. Not of robbery of a single person or two. Elected officials, are officials of our 'civil' society and are entrusted with the will and MONEY of the citizens. They are held to a higher bar for that privilege of service. When you abuse the public trust, or the power given to you by the public, then the punishment is tougher.
      So, Blago had 17 felony violation, not just trying to sell Obama's seat. That's why he got what he got.

    3. Unfortunate that Luckman didn't what? - Give Blagojevich a pat on the head too? Are you serious, in any way?
      Blago stole from every man, woman and child in this state. Every one. Then he and the lovely Patty drag their KIDS into court (again) to beg for their parents. And he / they continue to play the victim card to this day. No admission of guilt. Nothing. Just "I'm a changed man".
      Right. The only thing that's changed is where he wakes up every morning. Same narcissism. Same modus operandi. Same g.d. haircut.
      He got a break at 14 years. Zagel said so at the time. And Zagel berated him / them for involving the kids too. Did he learn?
      Damn good thing it wasn't me in robes that day. I'd have tacked on another 5 years just for being a putz, again.
      We need many more Zagels in the system. That we agree on.

    4. I do agree with you that we need more Zagels! However, the thugs above that attacked, stole, assaulted, etc... Do NOT need to be paroled in 2-3 years after receiving lengthy sentences like Blago did. I'm confident that their victims are not looking forward to that either, along with those who live in Lakeview. That was my point- Yes, Blago did wrong, but I would not fear him being "back on the streets" unlike those perpetrators in the above article. I'd rather my taxes pay to keep these hard core criminals in jail- I'm not saying release Blago, but these criminals should NOT be on the streets anytime before our former Governor. Pardon the semantics.

  8. Before we sold and moved overseas - we would see guys like this wandering around our neighborhood Whole Foods - we would be walking with our 2 small kids and DID NOT FEEL SAFE. That's pretty incredible - when you own a 1.5 million dollar condo but don't feel safe walking to your local grocery store at 7PM. We'll never be back - just the burbs to see family.

  9. Brian Conner is next he has been trespassing,stealing and carrying a baseball bat at 3500 Broadway store.Police were called to the store last night about Conner, but Conner already had Fled the Store.The police got to the store a half hour late do too the dispatcher reporting the call too late.This seems to happen too often.Brian Conner is a regular in CWB crime report