Sunday, July 03, 2016

WHOA NELLY! Man bitch-slapped police horse after Pride Parade, cops say

A 35-year-old South Chicago man is facing reckless conduct charges for allegedly slapping a Chicago Police Department horse in the face after last weekend’s Pride Parade.

Darius Jackson was at Belmont and Halsted around 12:45AM Monday when he slapped the horse in its face causing the animal to “act erratically and back into a crowd….putting citizens in danger of being stepped on and kicked by the horse,” according to police.

Jackson is hardly the first person to get locked up for messing with CPD horses in our neighborhood.

A 23-year-old woman was kicked in the stomach by a police horse after her boyfriend allegedly slapped the animal’s butt following the Cubs’ home opener in April. 29-year-old Daniel Ehle of Lyons was charged with reckless conduct.

Three men were arrested after a Foo Fighters concert at Wrigley Field last August, accused of slapping a police horse named “Airhart.” A suburban firefighter who “played drums” on the horse’s hindquarter was joined in jail by an attorney and a third man.
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  1. No worries for this Offender!

    Once he goes in front of Judge Luckman at Belmont and Western Court, charges WILL be dropped as usual!

  2. so stupid maybe they should slap one of the cops dogs

  3. Slapping a police horse could be battery on a police officer?

    I am just sick of these thugs ruining boystown.

    I did not go to Pride Fest. Or the parade.

    ... I look forward to Market Days, though.

  4. Give me 5 minutes with this clow...I'll "fix" his attitude 😠

  5. Too bad the nice horse didn't (naturally, as horses do) kick little Darius in the jaw.

  6. Maybe he thought the horse was his momma.

  7. Cop should have shoved his head up the horse's ass.

  8. Here’s a short video of a CPD horse on the winning side of crowd interaction during Blackhawks Cup celebration outside Wrigley Field:

  9. Shots fired on Broadway/Diversey last night??!

  10. it is ok to crack a cop. they release the thugs all the time. crack a horse and charges stick. judges fear PETA.