Sunday, July 17, 2016

OUTNUMBERED: String of beatings and robberies reported across area; Many attacked by groups of 3+

At least 7 people have been mugged since Friday as reports of street robberies continue to rise in Wrigleyville, Boystown, and nearby neighborhoods.

Most of the victims were attacked by groups of offenders with varying descriptions, according to police reports and sources.

Wrigleyville + Boystown Attacks

Four of the latest muggings were reported in our immediate neighborhood. No one is in custody.

• At 2:30 this morning, a man reported being beaten up and robbed by as many as 10 men in the 3300 block of N. Kenmore. No description of the offenders was made available.

• Four people attacked and robbed three victims on the Boystown bar strip at 3 o'clock Saturday morning. The victims—two men and a woman—told police that they were beaten and robbed at Halsted and Newport by a group that took wallets and phones. The offenders, last seen outbound on Halsted were described as:
  1. black, male, dressed as a woman, red wig, "Daisy Duke" denim shorts, very tall
  2. black, male, dressed as a woman, wearing a red dress
  3. black, male, white tee shirt, 6'2" tall, with shoulder-length dreadlocks
  4. black, male
• Around 2:15 on Saturday morning, another man reported being beaten up and robbed by three black men near Roscoe and Clark Street.  The victim was reportedly "irate" about his situation and no further details were available.

• Another man also reported being robbed at Roscoe and Clark Street this week. That incident took place at 4:20AM on Wednesday. The victim was beaten up and robbed of his phone and $40 cash, according to police. EMS treated the man for his injuries. The offender was described as male, black, bald, 5'10" tall, and wearing a yellow or orange hoodie.

Lincoln Park Muggings

Three of the robberies took place on streets in nearby Lincoln Park. Two people were taken into custody for questioning after one of the incidents.

• A man reported that he was attacked by three men who robbed him of his wallet and cellphone near Sheffield and Wrightwood at 2AM Sunday. The victim said the three men were Hispanic and wore shorts and tee shirts.

• Two people were arrested after another man reported being jumped and robbed by six people at Clark and Deming around 2AM on Friday.  One man and one woman were positively identified as being involved after police stopped them near Clark and Fullerton moments later. Charges were pending this morning. The victim was treated at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center.

• In a third incident, a man reported being robbed at gunpoint near the 7-Eleven store at Clark and Wrightwood around 1:30AM on Wednesday. The offender fled southbound on Clark Street in a silver Altima with the victim's wallet and phone. The stolen phone was last seen pinging from the Ontario feeder ramp in River North about 20 minutes after the robbery, according to a source.

Other Nearby Incidents

• A Lincoln Square man was beaten and robbed by six men in the 1900 block of W. Leland shortly before 6PM on Sunday. The victim told police that the offenders attacked him in an alley and one brandished a knife before taking his iPhone and $10 cash.  The offenders, last seen southbound in the alley, were described as:
  1. male, black, about 17 years old, dark clothing 6'3" tall
  2. male, black, about 17 years old, dreadlocks
  3. male, Hispanic, about 17 years old
  4. male, Hispanic, about 17 years old
  5. male, white
• An Uptown cellphone store was robbed at gunpoint last Monday afternoon. The offender walked into the Cricket store at 4814 N. Sheridan around 4:30PM, pulled out a semi-automatic handgun, and announced a robbery. He was described as black, 20- to 35-years-old, 5'9" tall, 170 pounds, wearing a long sleeve red shirt and a black wig.

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  1. Fucking thugs. Apparently NOTHING is going to be done about the problem. No amount of CAPS meetings, unanswered emails and calls to the alderthings, letters written, community groups organized (whatever happened to the group that had its first meeting at the theatre this past year??), and no amount of kvetching about Empreror Rahm and Princess Tunney, will relieve us of this ongoing problem. I hate to cash in, but I think I've reached the time to bail on this once great neighborhood. Can't even walk the dog or go out and catch some summertime night air, without risking my life. Screw this!!

    1. Seven people were robbed, while the other 90,000+ residents of the neighborhood weren't.

      The odds of this happening to any one person are incredibly small.

    2. Not until the residents hit the business community where it counts! In the cash register. That's the only thing Tunney & city hall understand! Money. Empty restaurants, bars, etc. means action! But, that won't happen! Kids gotta party!

    3. Lol @ the odds being small. Typical liberal mindset.

  2. Why do they come so far north?..bypassing Bridgeport, Lincoln Park, etc?. My guess, passivity.

  3. we need to be able to get "to carry gun permits" all the criminals have them and it takes 30 minutes to over an hour when you call police for help. Yes the bullshit caps meetings are to calm the citizens and lowered police numbers and no help is the same as always. caps meetings accomplish nothing Tunney tell every one you deserved to be robed mugged raped beaten up and the police agree with him. Ever notice at caps meetings, to me angry upset tax paying citizens at caps meeting or if you try and go down to his office (Tunney) citizens are treated by Tunney and police like the enemy, that your crazy or you caused the problem

  4. the combination of all the social service organizations drawing people into the neighborhood and the bars exiting drunk people into the neighborhood makes for a bad combination. any readers work at or go to any of the late night bars, curious if business is dropping off?

  5. Sent a small donation to the tip jar. Keep up the good work CWB!

    1. Thank you for your support. Every penny goes to offset costs such as our regular trips to court, subscriptions, and equipment (our personal computers have been running literally 24/7 since 2013. They're getting tired.) Thank you again!

  6. I love our neighborhood and its relative safety. That being said, a lot of issues seem to be happening in the wee hours of the morning. I used to walk home from the bars on Halsted and Sheffield at 1am without thinking too much. After seeing how many crimes take place at this time it's Uber or a cab. Sad that I can't walk home late night but it seems like the easiest way to reduce the risk is to not be walking home alone after a few pints. It sucks that I have to change my behavior because criminals are making easy pickings out of me and my neighbors but that's sort of life in the city. Not sure what the answer is here but at least the crime seems to be petty in nature.. if people start getting stabbed and shot then we need to grab pitchforks.

  7. Well, again there should be cops on Halsted around those bars from 10PM -6AM on FOOT PATROL. Or get the mounted division out there. What is it going to take? Should we create barricades and patrol the neighborhood ourselves?

    1. Take the gloves off the police. This job is dead. Every single thing a cop does seems to be wrong. Instead of saying, "we support you, we need to fix this system and let you be the police the city needs," you'll likely say: "then quit, work mall security." If you think that most cops have nothing better to do, you're wrong. We are clinging to a hope that we will be able to go after the bad guys again but that's not likely to happen soon. I know a lot of good, aggressive cops that have stopped working, have quit and went to better jobs, myself included. Do you want guys that want to collect a pay check or those that live by a moral code, that want to defend the innocent and put away the bad guy, even if the cost is their own life? The citizenry, city and court system made their choice; fetal, neutered, pay-check collectors. Hope this makes sense.

  8. One of the most expensive neighborhoods to live in in Chicago and one of the most dangerous. I can't understand the logic.. If you don't police it, then of course you're going to face these kinds of issues. Its only going to get worse, if people think they can get away with it they'll keep going back until they get caught, and even then they'll go back. Left it years ago due to insane rent increases and issues like this... was 2 minutes away from a daylight purse snatching on Halsted and felt like this was enough...
    You have nearby Uptown that has its own gang problems and kids filtering down to Boystown to rob unsuspected drunk people, then people filtering up on the redline doing the same. Where's Batman when you need him? The Alderman and the police chiefs need to do something otherwise residents will start to take matters into their own hands, and last time I checked you can conceal carry in Chicago..

  9. How come when I, one of your police officers stop anyone around Halsted and Belmont you people film my every move, pick a side.

  10. Policing is over. No politician cares about us. Best advice is to get a firearm, learn how to use it, and carry it all the time.

  11. Soon to come to a neighborhood near you, Elmhurst, Winnekta, Beverly Hills.... Thanks, lazy voters.

  12. This type of crime is the new norm in America - between the inequality in the labor markets and the political tensions between the ethnic groups. I can't believe that Houstonians would love allow so many 'strangers' in their neighborhoods to rob people at gun point.