Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Familiar faces charged after alleged robbery attempt

One of two men who received probation in connection with a Boystown house fire this spring has been arrested again after he and another person beat a man in an apparent robbery attempt, police said.
Williams (Chicago Police Dept)

23-year-old Keith Williams was charged with simple battery in the attack that unfolded around 2AM on July 15 near Clark and Deming in Lincoln Park. Police said the victim refused to pursue felony charges.

Also charged with battery in the attack is 29-year-old William Brown, who is currently on parole for beating and robbing a man who was hailing a cab at Belmont and Shefield in 2013.

Despite receiving a 4-year sentence in that robbery, Brown was paroled in 2014 after serving barely a year in prison, according to court records.

Brown (Chicago Police Dept)
Williams and Brown both list the Howard Brown Health Center at 4025 N. Sheridan as their home address.

After being arrested in connection with the fire last April, Williams told police that he identifies as a female. This month, he stated that—despite being dressed as a woman at the time of his arrest—he is now a male.

As CWB Chicago reported in May, Williams has racked up a series of other arrests in our neighborhood.

According to court and police records, criminal charges filed against him in our neighborhood include:

• An April 2012 charge of aggravated unlawful use of a knife in the 800 block of Aldine, which ended with a sentence of 3 months probation and “destruction” of the knife.

• Shoplifting at the Boystown Jewel-Osco store in September 2012, which earned 1 year’s probation.

• Obstructing traffic outside of the Broadway Youth Center, 3179 N. Broadway, in September 2012.

• Criminal trespass at the Center on Halsted in February 2013. The charge was thrown out when the Center—per its policy —failed to show up in court.

• Battery at the Center on Halsted in September 2014. Again, the charge was thrown out when the Center failed to show up in court.

• Theft at the Forever Yogurt, 3510 N. Halsted, in September 2014

• Battery in the 3500 block of N. Halsted in August 2015. The charges were dropped when the witness did not appear in court.

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