Monday, July 04, 2016

Couple reports baseball bat attack in Boystown Sunday

Chicago police are investigating after two men reported being beaten with a baseball bat near the intersection of Roscoe and Halsted streets in the heart of Boystown Sunday morning.

Both men told police that they were walking to the lakefront when they were attacked on Roscoe between Halsted and Elaine Place by an unknown man who wielded a metal bat, police said.

The couple said they left a house music event at Smart Bar after 4AM, then walked east on Addison, south on Halsted, and east on Roscoe with the intention of being at the lakefront for sunrise.

Those plans were dashed when the attack unfolded around 4:30AM, the men said.

The victims, aged 24 and 35, are dating and live together in the Loop, according to a source. They took themselves to Northwestern Memorial Hospital for treatment.

Police were unable to locate a crime scene when 18th district officers notified them of the incident nearly three hours later. Records show that police responded to nearly at least six reports of large fights and disturbances near Roscoe and Halsted overnight.

The attacker was described only as appearing to be about 20-years-old and possibly of mixed black and Asian descent.

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  1. From my observation smart bar queen event is a drug fest so majority of people who leave there are either completely shit faced or high as kites and also considering it was after 4 am. Don't know how that place isn't investigated for the blatant drugs and dealing that happens there on Sunday nights

    1. Yeah, I've heard that from a number of sources. Ditto Hydrate which absolutely needs to be investigated for drug sales on site, and on the sidewalk in front. And why is this bar allowed to remain open well past sunrise (about 5:15am right now) on Friday and Saturday nights (or Saturday and Sunday mornings)?

    2. Well then Halsted Street itself needs to be investigated for being an open air drug market. Then Sidetrack needs to be investigated for allowing that old man to be selling "weekend goodies" within 3 feet of their door while pushing the cigarette smokers 15' away. And then the straight couples from Lincoln Park in there asking me who's selling coke tonight.....obviously people know where to get their dope.....

    3. Hydrate was safer then when it was the sleezy Manhole. The only interesting activity back then was a blow job in the back, back room.

  2. I think bars should be allowed to remain open as long as they want, and drugs be legalized. The problem is many more people also feel that battery and robbery and burglaries are also forms of individual expression. Not quite. It was Dotoyevsky who said 150 years ago just as the "revolution" began to show signs of rising in Russia that criminal behavior has become another form of acceptable social protest. Amazing how that now applies in the modern U.S.

  3. So here's a solution. Have CPD on this corner 11PM-6AM. Park a paddy wagon in the lot at the 7-11