Monday, June 20, 2016

WILD ONE: Cross-Dressing, Daisy Duke-Wearing, Tazer-Armed Robbery Suspects Arrested On Packed Golf Course

McCovins (Chicago Police Dept)
A bizarre scene unfolded Sunday afternoon as Chicago police pursued a group of robbery suspects—some described as men dressed as women wearing Daisy Dukes—through the fairways of Sydney Marovitz Golf Course, according to witnesses.

Five people are facing a litany of charges after cops tackled them in a fairway following multiple reports of victims being Tazed and robbed by the group along the lakefront.

One of the suspects allegedly bit a SWAT team member and then claimed to have AIDS, police said.

Blackmon  (Chicago Police Dept)
The mayhem started near Montrose Beach when a man called 911 after allegedly being robbed by the group around 1PM yesterday.

Soon, a series of 911 calls came in to report a group of five females and males dressed as females threatening an ice cream vendor with a Tazer on the lakefront.

Goins  (Chicago Police Dept)
Cops eventually spotted the suspects near the lake at Irving Park Road.

Officers described a bizarre foot chase in the middle of the golf course, which was packed with duffers: “He’s wearing a pink hat and spandex” one officer screamed into his radio as the pursuit roared through fifth hole's 515-yard fairway

Cops caught up with the fabulous fivesome in the middle of the fourth hole fairway where a SWAT team member was bitten by the suspect who subsequently threatened to have AIDS, police said.

McAfee  (Chicago Police Dept)
The officer was taken to Illinois Masonic Medical Center for treatment and the suspect was taken to a hospital for HIV screening.

According to Chicago police, the following charges have been filed:
• Eric McCovins 19, of the far South Side is charged with two counts of aggravated battery to a police officer; two counts of resisting police; one count of aggravated assault; one count of theft; and trespassing on the golf course.
Williams  (Chicago Police Dept)
• 18-year-old Latasha McAfee of Harvey; 23-year-old Leslie Goins of Woodlawn; 18-year-old Keno Blackmon of North Lawndale; and 22-year-old Lashay Williams who lists the Howard Brown Health Center in Uptown as her home are each charged with theft, aggravated assault, and trespassing.
McAfee, Goins, and Williams have been released on I-Bonds.

Bail for McCovins has been set at $500,000.

Blackmon’s status was not immediately available.
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