Thursday, June 02, 2016

Robbing North Center Starbucks brings Venti®-sized trouble

A 19-year-old man is charged with robbing a North Center neighborhood Starbucks and battering the 40-year-old barista who tried to stop him, according to newly-filed court records.

Cherry (Chicago Police Dept)
Prosecutors say Carlton Cherry of West Ridge walked into the coffee shop at 4015 N. Lincoln and took about $7 cash from the store’s tip jar last Friday morning. Then, he socked a barista in the mouth when she tried to intervene.

Cops working off of a description of the robber stopped Cherry on Montrose Avenue and brought him to the store where a witness and the employee positively identified him as the offender.

Now, Cherry—who sports a tattoo on his left hand that says “Guns Drugs Money Sex”—is charged with felony robbery and felony aggravated battery of a merchant.

He has been released on electronic monitoring.
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