Thursday, June 23, 2016

POSTED: Wrigley Field Webcam Captures Audio Of Attack On Off-Duty Officer

As CWB Chicago reported exclusively yesterday, an off-duty police officer was knocked unconscious across from Wrigley Field early Tuesday when he intervened in a disturbance at Clark and Addison.

A man and a woman were taken into custody, but the primary offender—who allegedly went through the off-duty officer's pockets after knocking him unconscious—slipped away.

The entire incident unfolded beneath EarthCam's 24/7 Wrigley Field webcam. While the attack took place outside of the camera's eye, all of the audio was captured.

We have now posted an excerpt of the feed that was provided to us shortly after the attack.

A police source has confirmed that Area North detectives secured a copy of the webcam recording on Tuesday.

There is quite a bit of noise from traffic and a particularly annoying leaf blower that was being used inside of Wrigley Field, so we recommend using earbuds or headphones.

Here is a rough transcript of the clip:

Male: [unintelligible]…disrespecting me.

Girlfriend: Stop. Stop. He’s my boyfriend. Stop. Stop.


Boyfriend: WHAT? Hey!

[Traffic noise / Unintelligible talking/yelling]

Boyfriend: What are you doing? Don’t do it! HEY! Watch out!

Girlfriend: Oh! Stop!

[Traffic noise / Unintelligible yelling]

Boyfriend: Oh fuck!

Girlfriend: Get off my man yo! Get off my man!

Boyfriend: Hey! Hey!

Girlfriend; Get off my man! Stop! Stop!

Officer: Off-duty police! Get off!

Girlfriend: What the fuck!

Officer: STOP! Off duty police! Get off! Get off! Off duty police!

Boyfriend: Who. Hey, hey. No! Hey Hey! Hey! Whoa whoa whoa.

[Off-duty officer is knocked unconscious]

Boyfriend: Oh my God! [Unintelligible]. I don’t give a fuck. [Horns honking / Unintelligible yelling and talking]

Unknown male 1: Daaaamn! Damn! Knocked the fuck out! Damn! That shit’s ratchet! Daaaamn!


Unknown male 2: He knocked the po-po out.

Boyfriend: Oh! That’s a cop?

Unknown male 2: Yeah. He’s fucking knocked out.

Boyfriend: Hey! You OK? Hey! Hey? Are you OK?

Girlfriend: [Name withheld] Just go!

Unknown male 1: World Star!

Boyfriend: You OK? You OK?

Officer: Can you help me?

[Unintelligible / Traffic]

Girlfriend: That guy’s a fucking cop!

Boyfriend: I know. I know.

[Traffic noise]

Girlfriend: You ain’t helping nobody! Let’s go. He’s the police. You can’t help him. He’s the police! The police ain’t helping nobody!


Girlfriend: Fuck him! He’s drunk! Let’s go! You fucked up right now! Fuck him, he’s the police. You fucked up right now!  Let’s go! Let’s go!

Boyfriend: God damn it! What the fuck is wrong with you?

Girlfriend: What the fuck you want to do for him [name withheld]?

Boyfriend: Help. Stay here until…help arrives! Look! Look at this! Look at this! What the fuck is wrong with you? You know what? You get the fuck out of my life! Fuck you!

Girlfriend: You are evil.

[Cross-talking. Approaching sirens. Police arrive.]

Boyfriend: He came to my aid. There were two guys. One was verbally hitting on my girlfriend and I was like “what are you doing.” One of these guys tried to jump on me and that’s when this guy who got hit got fucking blindsided.
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  1. Well between the cams and the audio somebody's going to prison.

  2. Jesus. I am at a loss for words that the girlfriend could be so callous and uncaring. Good on the boyfriend for standing up to her and not being swayed by her bullshit. He needs to dump her ass.

  3. And we wonder why people do not want to be police.

  4. And here I foolishly thought the removal of McDonalds would reduce crime.
    I'm a fool!

  5. this neighborhood is getting to where we need to carry GUN

  6. The press would agree with her saying "you are evil" for wanting to help a cop.

    Glad he wasn't shot with his own gun. This is why we stay fetal.

    1. This is awful, but I've got to say- I doubt the press (CWB is the press) would agree with the F'd up girlfriend statement.
      Fetal is not doing your job- Copper. Retire, resign or do your job. It's bad and I get that, but you've got to do the job or get out and do something else.
      Just sayin

    2. Exactly. Don't worry, I am applying for other jobs, as are many former workers. For you it's black and white..."do your job or get out!" Really nice, but the reality that I know is that society, the media, government and courts are making it impossible to do our job. Until that happens, you're getting the police we've been forced to become, yet you're still mad at us.

    3. agree-resign-go work in a mall

    4. Written like a true DOG ASS.

    5. Yeah, 15 years and counting of service to this country in the military, BA with a CAT-1 language and private sector/ military certifications. The only job I'll be qualified for is a mall...right, buddy. One thing is for sure, protecting low-lives such as yourself who view "public servants" as fools who embarked on their initial careers because they had nothing better to do is my biggest regret in life.

  7. This is disgraceful - and the police station is not too far away.

  8. Was the Officers weapon taken ?

  9. I give up. Let's please just put the whole flippin' city on webcam.

  10. So once again, the Chicago CPD pod cameras have no footage, despite the report from yesterday? It's my contention that those cameras are not in use, nobody is staffing them, there are no hard drives that record every camera and store those recordings for a certain amount of time, and so forth. All that costs money and Chicago took the federal funding to install the cameras but has no money to staff them. Other than the west side Heroin Highway cams, I've haven't heard of them in use for the past 10 years or so. CTA security cams are used though.

  11. Why did he yell "off duty police"? Why not say "Police!" And leave it at that. sounds more official. Off duty or not he has arresting powers.

    1. Should have called back up first as well. If I ever get on the force, I'm packing heat all the time.

  12. I may be wrong but, I don't believe any of this was reported in the Lame Stream Media?

  13. Whoever the boyfriend is in this situation:
    I think that after you break up with your girlfriend, pretty much anyone reading this will personally walk around with you and vouch for your character to any woman who asks.
    The good news is that she made it really easy for you to see who she is.
    Just as you are on tape, letting us know what a stand up man you are.