Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Man Pistol-Whipped In Wrigleyville Armed Robbery; Second Incident At Southport Brown Line

Police are investigating two robberies that were reported in our area last night and early this morning.

Around 10 o'clock last night, a man was beaten in the face with a pistol by armed robbery offenders who took two iPhones from him in the 1000 block of W. Newport. The Cubs game had just entered its 9th inning less than two blocks away at Wrigley Field.

The victim, who sought help at the nearby Rice & Bread Korean restaurant, described the offenders as two black men in their late teens or early 20's. One had a goatee, stands about 5'8" tall, and appeared to have tattoos on his right forearm. The other man was armed with the handgun. He is about 5'10" tall and he wore a red shirt and possibly tan shorts.

Both offenders were last seen running westbound on Newport.

Southport Brown Line Incident

A CTA worker assigned to the Southport Brown Line station summoned police a little before 2 o'clock this morning after two men were seen fighting on the station's northbound platform.

Police later determined that one of the men had been robbed the other of a Galaxy S6 phone.

The offenderdescribed as a black man in his early 20's wearing a red shirt and yellow pantsfled the station before cops arrived.
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  1. Brown line used to be off the radar for these South and/or West side scumbags. So glad the decrease in policing on the north side has allowed this filth to penetrate ever further into great neighborhoods. Thanks, Tunney & Rahm!

  2. I could not have said it better myself.
    But come on folks let's keep voting these people in aren't they doing an amazing job.

    Just wait for that 13% increase in your tax bill. But hey Rahm-scum and his family have plenty of protection 24 seven ......
    Pay at the door

  3. Right in front of my house... lovely and the game hadn't even ended.

  4. Do note the latest two posting on Tiny Tom's FB page are "Shares", which means you cannot directly comment about them (at least I can't). That must be his method of his to prevent nasty posts and URL's of this blog concerning the spread of Chrirq terrorists into his Ward.

  5. Maybe we should start our own Tom Tunney Ward 44Crime Facebook Page so when people search for his they get the real info.

    1. PLEASE don't leave Mr Social Work and Michelle DoNothing out of that plan.
      As much as I dislike Facebook, I'd join just for that alone.