Sunday, June 12, 2016

LIGHTER SIDE: A Few Less-Serious Stories For A Rough Day

It sounds like an urban legend. But, prosecutors say it really happened in Wrigleyville.

Hamby (Chicago Police Dept)
A hairstylist who was fired from a local salon returned to the store a few nights later and paid a locksmith to change the front door lock. Then, the disgruntled diva sat inside the salon, waiting to greet workers as they arrived in the morning.

Police say it all played out at Sport Clips, 3452 N. Clark.

34-year-old stylist Danielle Hamby of the Irving Park neighborhood is charged with theft and criminal trespassing.

Prosecutors say she took the CTA to Wrigleyville early last Monday morning and arranged to have the locks changed. When arriving employees found their keys did not work, Hambry emerged to let them in and announced that the store had new owners and she was the new manager, according to court records.

Police say Hambry used her own money to pay for the lock change.

Officers were again called to the Sport Clips early on June 12 after the locksmith who did the work called 911 to report that an unidentified woman was requesting to have the salon’s locks changed again. Police were unable to find the locksmith when they arrived.


Hernandez  (Chicago Police Dept)
Hey, thanks for ignoring that whole “right to remain silent” thing, Jonathan Hernandez!

The 22-year-old Logan Square man was stopped by cops near Belmont and Sheffield last week after witnesses reported seeing him cutting locks off of a bicycle outside of Ann Sather Restaurant, 909 W. Belmont

When cops stopped Hernandez he hopped off the bike and blurted out, “It’s not mine. I just stole it,” police say.

Hernandez entered a quick guilty plea and was given a two-day sentence, which was credited with two days of time served. He is a member of the Maniac Latin Disciples street gang, according to police.

He's Nuts

Hutchinson  (Chicago Police Dept)
It could have all ended so much differently for Malik Hutchinson, a 20-year-old South Shore man who is licensed to sell peanuts on Chicago streets.

Police say they approached Hutchinson before the Cubs' May 29th game because he was selling peanuts on stadium property. They gave him a warning and asked him to leave.

Instead, Hutchinson continued to sell peanuts. So, an officer stopped him and began to perform a protective pat-down, which resulted in Hutchinson grabbing the officer by his vest while saying, “don’t touch me. How the fuck you like it?”

It seems the officer didn't like it very much. Not very much at all.

Hutchinson is charged with aggravated battery to a police officer and peddling in a prohibited area.
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  1. Thanks for a chuckle on a sad day. Please keep us updated as you always do on how CPD etc plans to keep us safe for the upcoming PRIDE festivities. I'm sure they also have plenty of behind the scenes protection, but this is horrifying.

  2. The events of yesterday in Orlando underscore yet one more (of many) reasons to leave the area during the pride parade for safety. If this had happened in boystown, it would have taken the police a half hour to show up, and then there would have only been a few cars available, all because we're short 1000-2000 cops in the city. The news reported that the city is beefing up the number of cops in the neighborhood in light of Orlando. I had to chuckle inside thinking no way that's happening and even if it is happening, it still doesn't give us back anywhere near the numbers we've lost in the past few years and it will be short lived, not permanent anyway.

    1. Couldn't agree more but those people will hear and believe it.

    2. I do not disagree that we need our police force brought back to snuff. That said, I noticed it before I heard about it. It is happening and it's happening along the lakefront. For how long? Who knows--but Johnson is delivering when we need it where we need it. For that I am grateful. As to the Pride Parade, last year it seems there was a police officer stationed every 50 ft or less along the parade route on both sides of the street---at least along Halsted. Look to Springfield for why we are short. Look to us for voting in the same wackos election after election for state, county and city representatives of "the people". Me, my vote goes to any sane independent person other than an incumbent when possible on any local election.

    3. Art Johnson is on this according to recent PR releases on FB. We'll see what he can do.

  3. 2 day sentence for attempted robbery. And the bicycle could have been a very expensive bicycle. I would like to see hard labor for a guy like this - maybe one year of hard labor in a bicycle manufacturing business as he seems to like bicycles.

  4. Those peanuts are stolen.He was stopped in the past for stealing a whole basket full of boxes of peanuts but the manager released him.

  5. Some neighborhoods are shit happens neighborhoods. Unfortunately the entire city is becoming a shit happens city! Lived here my entire 72 yrs. and am not easily discouraged but it is even getting to me! These low lifes are sucking the oxygen out of the air and chocking out any form of normalcy left. Just my humble opinion........