Sunday, June 26, 2016

"Laughing gas" sales lead to 2 arrests outside Phish concert

Gomez (Chicago Police Dept)
Two out-of-state men have been charged after widespread reports of nitrous oxide being sold on side streets near last night’s Phish concert at Wrigley Field.

Nitrous—often called "laughing gas" or whip-its—is inhaled for a cheap high.

28-year-old Amado Gomez of Pembrook Pines, FL, is charged with manufacture-delivery of nitrous oxide after police arrested him in the 1000 block of W. Newport at 11:20 last night. He is also being held on an out-of-state warrant. Gomez’s vehicle, which police said contained “several bottles of nitrous” was impounded.

Gomez was arrested in 2013 for selling nitrous oxide in Orlando, according to Florida state records.

Talcott (Chicago Police Dept)
Richard Talcott, 23, of New York City is charged with possession of nitrous oxide after being arrested around 11 o’clock last night in the 1000 block of W. Waveland. He is free on a $1,500 I-Bond.

Dozens of 911 callers reported seeing balloons full of nitrous oxide being sold for $5 each in various locations near the stadium before, during, and after Friday and Saturday night’s concerts. Gomez and Talcott are the only known arrests.
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