Thursday, June 02, 2016

Holiday Weekend Sees 2 Robbed In Wrigleyville And Man Slashed With Boxcutter In Boystown

A man who’s on parole for robbery caught a break this weekend in Wrigleyville.

Police say a Cicero man flagged them down in front of the Irish Oak bar to report being robbed by two men around 2AM on Sunday.

Ross (Chicago Police Dept)
Officers caught up with one of the men, 23-year-old Denzel Ross of Uptown, but the other man got away, according to court records.

The victim told police that he asked Ross and the other man for directions when Ross shoved him in the chest and the other guy punched him in the face and grabbed his iPhone.

Detectives were eventually able to locate the second man and the stolen iPhone, but the victim refused to pursue felony charges, according to police.

Ross, charged with simple battery, is free on $5,000 bond.  He was paroled in November after serving half of a 3-year sentence for a 2014 robbery in the West Ridge neighborhood, according to court records.

“Sliced Up Pretty Good”

A melee on the corner of Roscoe and Halsted in Boystown early Sunday saw one man get “sliced up pretty good” with a box cutter, according to a witness who spoke with us.

Employees of Roscoe’s Tavern, 3356 N. Halsted, reported seeing a man and a woman chasing and beating another man on the street around 4:30AM. That victim eventually found his way to Stroger Hospital where he received stitches for multiple slash wounds. The victim told police that he did not know the people who attacked him.

Bad Day At The Beach

One woman’s visit to Montrose Beach ended with a carjacking Sunday evening.

The woman told police that an offender forced her from her car in the 4500 block of N. Simonds Drive and then sped off with her white 2014 Honda CRV with Michigan plates.

She described the carjacker as a heavyset Hispanic man in his mid- to late-30’s. He wore a dark gray tee shirt and long pants.

Second Wrigleyville Robbery

Another man reported being mugged in Wrigleyville over the holiday weekend.

The victim told police that three people jumped him and went through his pockets near Taco Bell, 1111 W. Addison, at 2:45AM on Saturday.

All three offenders—a heavyset black male in a red shirt, a black male in a dark hoodie, and a black female—were last seen running southbound from Taco Bell, the victim said.
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  1. mail a hard copy to tom Tunneys office he seems to think all our crime is related to leaving our windows and doors unlocked

  2. How much time did he get? "Was released after serving half of a 3 year sentence for a 2014 robbery..??????????????

    Released in November 2015. Sounds like he went to prison in May 2014. When did he go to trial? He did 18 months??? Doubt it. With pre-trial delays he probably did 3.

    Cook County courts are a useless joke.

  3. Can anyone please tell me why crime is not reported on the news!

    1. probably because they only have 23 minutes and to report every single last incident would take hours...

    2. The Bureau of Tourism. Image purposes. Denial.

    3. It's bad for the local agenda.

    4. Because you're not supposed to know it. Damn CWB. You're making it so hard for the political class and media to cover this up. At least DNAInfo reports some of the crime. I imagine they wake up and go straight to CWB to find out what's happened. How else are they gonna know? Seriously, though, I am grateful at least they report on it. Tribune, Sun Times, anyone? Anyone?

    5. Because the news outlets are the puppets of our mayor. They and the 50 do nothing alderpersons are at his beck and call.

  4. He will wipe that smirk off one day when all he has is his neck tattoo and no prospects.

  5. Your angry don't text here Tunney don't live in here call his office and let him know your honest correct displeasure at 17735256034 pass this on

  6. Oh good this garbage has been seen on video in a local grocery store stealing liqour.Thanks again CWB I have another name to match the goofy face.Same tattoo also!!

  7. They need the Big Scary Bus back on that corner.