Sunday, June 12, 2016

How Not To Get Un-Arrested

Salerno (Chicago Police Dept)
Meanwhile, police say Anthony Salerno of the Austin neighborhood shared his opinions of an arresting officer in Boystown last weekend.

Prosecutors say 41-year-old Salerno picked up a sign belonging to Town Hall Pub and hurled it at a passing vehicle on Halsted Street around 9:45PM last Sunday.

An officer led Salerno’s girlfriend away from the scene as he was arrested, but not before Salerno was able to spit on the officer, whom he referred to as a “fucking nigger,” according to a police report.

The report lists numerous witnesses, including an entire Chicago Fire Department engine company.

Salerno is charged with battery and criminal damage to property.

The officer who was spit upon is a 25-year veteran of the Chicago Police Department, according to a source.
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  1. Lol that top one is the most Lincoln park thing I've ever heard

    1. Um, no. I did the Uber thing for a while. Basically it was a cash advance on the value of my car but used it for moving expenses to get the hell out of Chicago. His type come in all shapes, sizes and colors all over the city. They also come in a young female version which were the worst and they were ejected the most. One advised her "boyfriend works for Uber management" and I should just "wait and see!". Well I did and he never called. I told her to have her father to give me a call too and never heard from him either.

    2. ^ I also told her to take her $9.95 trilby up her ass. She was going to Wicker Park from River North but her and her clan only made it to the nearest bus stop at Division/LaSalle - where they belonged.

  2. WTF??!? What a pair of d-bags.

  3. Dude is 29 years and still looking for his father to get him out of trouble. Too bad he most likely won't see any time in county, he could probably find himself another "daddy" whether he wants one or not.

  4. 'High Society Born' guy...rocking a JC Penny's V-neck undershirt and a $12 haircut???? mean THAT kind of High Society.
    Right -- where's the trailer court in Lincoln Park?

  5. High society born, low intelligence life

  6. 29 or 49? The guy looks like a drunk bloated mess.

  7. I witnessed how Mr. Salerno was arrested. He was walking south on Halsted as he was standing in front of Steamworks, he was telling his girlfriend how he will find some guy and beat him up, two young black men were passing by when Salerno without any reason began yelling racial slurs as these young when. These two young men were I would say 5'5 at the most while Salerno was about 6'0 they both beat him up, one of them jump twice to punch him in the face and to me it was clear Salerno was drunk.