Friday, May 20, 2016

NUT JOB: Wrigleyville Store Burglarized For Third Time In Two Months

He did it AGAIN! Landmark Wrigleyville snack shop Nuts on Clark was burglarized for the third time in two months this morning.
Image: NBC Chicago

Once again, the burglar pushed through an air conditioning vent and ran out with the store’s cash register. And, once again, police found the cash register lying nearby.

Officers Friday responded to a 1:24AM burglar alarm at the store, 3830 N. Clark. They found the store’s back door open and a rear vent pushed in.

An evidence technician is on scene at this hour, processing the store as well as the cash register that cops found lying in the 1200 block of W. Byron.

The break-in came about 24 hours after five Lincoln Park restaurants lost their cash registers to a burglar who smashed through their glass doors.

Nuts On Clark was burglarized on March 29 and again on April 6.  Both times, the burglar entered by pushing in the rear ventilation shaft.
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