Friday, May 27, 2016

NUT CRACKERS: Cops Bust Suspect After Wrigleyville Snack Shop Is Burglarized For 4th Time Since March

Chicago police have a suspect in custody after Wrigleyville’s Nuts On Clark store was burglarized overnight — for the fourth time two months.

Officers responding to a burglar alarm at 2 o’clock this morning found a rear air conditioning access panel pushed open and a cash register lying on the ground nearby.

A man who resembles the burglar seen in surveillance images was taken into custody nearly 40 minutes later at 3930 N. Clark, police said.

The flagship Nuts On Clark store was burglarized previously during overnight hours on March 29, April 6, and again last Friday.

In each case, entry was made through the rear air conditioning panel and the store’s cash register was found within a block of the crime.

Police found a second cash register in the area this morning. They have yet to determine where it came from.
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  1. Just out of curiosity, how many times is it reasonable for a business owner to get burglarized from the same access point before he or she thinks to secure that access point? I'm not blaming the victim, but come on. Also, one has to assume that the owner stopped keeping $ in the register overnight. Maybe a giant sign in the window and on the register to say "NO CASH ON PREMISES." But then again, that assumes these idiots even know how to read.

  2. Why hasn't the point of entry been strengthened/reinforced/electrified or whatever? Or at least bolt the cash register down or include a dye pack after hours. Is there a surveillance camera on the outside? Sort of sounds like the "fool me once..." saying may apply here. It is not the owner's fault but there has to be some way to "discourage" the thief(s).

  3. Why wasn't the rear air conditioning panel secured? I don't feel sorry for crime victims that don't learn from their prior errors.

  4. At the risk of sounding like I'm blaming the victims (which I'm not), how difficult really is it to lock down a cash register (or simply not to keep cash in registers overnight) to prevent/deter them from being removed entirely?