Tuesday, May 17, 2016

MONDAY: Armed Robber Claims Two Victims In 10 Minutes

An armed robber targeted two victims within 10 minutes in Wrigleyville and nearby Lakeview Monday evening. No one is in custody and neither victim was injured.

In the first case, a woman was approached around 9:30PM by a gunman who demanded her property near Racine and Waveland.

The offender fled with a large blue flower-patterned bag, a MacBook Pro, cellphone, and books. He was described as black, about 20-years-old, 5’6” tall, wearing a black hoodie. A witness said he was last seen running east and north.

Less than 10 minutes later and four blocks away, a passer-by reported seeing a man getting robbed near Henderson and Lakewood. Again, the offender was described as male, black, about 18-years-old, 5’8” tall, and 150 pounds.

The second victim walked to the nearby 19th district police station where he told officers that he gave his cellphone and a brown gym bag to the offender, who was armed with a handgun.

Weekend Mugging

A third victim was reportedly knocked unconscious and robbed across the street from Wrigley Field’s Captain Morgan Club shortly before 7PM on Saturday.

Several witnesses reported seeing what they believed to be five men fighting on the street. Arriving officers learned that the incident was actually one man being robbed.

The primary offender is described as a Hispanic man with long hair. He fled westbound on Addison with the victim’s phone and money.
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  1. I'm so honored to live in Ward 44 and be a part of the alderthing Tommy Tunney's district. It is a shining beacon of just all that is good and wonderful. And he does so much for his constituents!

    1. Did you see he just introduced an ordinance regulating Cubs plaza drinking? He sure knows how to enforce and document when it comes to the Cubs, but empty Police staffing promises? He takes their word for it.... Thanks Tom for curbing those Cubs fans while hardened criminals roam free around our neighborhood.

  2. Easy pickins! Just jump off the red line and hit up whoever you want, don't worry you won't get caught and even if you do you won't be in very long. You can stop by the Center on Halsted and The Crib, have a snack, spend the night. Nirvana.

  3. I was in the suburbs yesterday (looking for a new apartment). The told the realtors I was leaving the city because it has become so dangerous. They said they don't go to Chicago anymore unless they absolutely have to.

  4. WOW ! All the patterns of flight seem to be in the direction of the Red Line....... They all must be going north to Evanston......

    1. If you've been to Evanston lately you would have chosen a different town to be sarcastic. How about... hmmm... well, considering the North Shore is a pit these days and even residents of Winnekta and Wilmette are selling their homes left and right, maybe... uh.... how about Green Bay?

  5. HEY Tunney! You too Mr Social Work, and Michelle Do Nothing -----
    Are ANY of you paying ANY attention here?
    The f'ng serious crime rate has doubled.
    You voted in gigantic property tax increase.
    The 019th is STILL understaffed / decimated.
    Detectives all got moved out - to the south.
    Property values are stagnant, at best.
    ....and we get NOTHING from you.
    No comments.
    No plans.
    And sure as hell, no ACTION.
    Can you all please man-up?
    (1) Just admit you can't / won't / don't want to do anything about crime.
    (2) At minimum, get the hell out of the way
    (3) Maybe save a tiny shard of decency and support somebody who will.
    You guys are every bit as bad as the other criminals. Seriously. Every bit as bad as the other swine pillaging our neighborhoods.

  6. I read this blog mostly as a 'guilty pleasure' after selling my condo last year. We might venture into the city 2-3 times this summer but maybe not -- we love the northern burbs and are excited to become part of that scene. We just couldn't risk the safety of our kids anymore living in East Lakeview.

  7. We enjoyed Lakeview for years but are happy now in the burbs. Just looking at the Ravinia schedule - concerts for the kids and us adults. Looking forward to a much safer future.

  8. And by contrast, there was an armed robbery in West Hollywood at 9:30 PM Monday night and the victim was pistol whipped. The police response was headed-up by the Station Captain, residents nearby where immediately warned to lock their doors and stay inside and the response included helicopters, K-9 units, 3 police departments, and patrols combing the entire neighborhood by car and foot patrol. 1 suspect was arrested and 2 escaped, but the full response search continued until early Tuesday morning. (OK, admittedly the helicopters were annoying after the first 3 hours but for a tenacious response like this I don't mind so much)

    They respond swiftly and with tenacity to violent crimes and usually catch the perpetrators and by the way, there number of officers to residents is lower than Lakeview. They even offer a service to check on your property when you are on vacation.

    Over the past summer there was a surge in pick pockets at the Abby. The Sheriff Station issued a public warning, worked with the bar security and caught the perpetrators.

    Total difference in approach and not surprisingly much less crime overall. So glad I left Chicago.

  9. I just saw something on TV, an app "Find My Phone"....maybe all these call phone victims should get that app?

  10. Relax people... buncha crybaby Nancys! Lakeview is my home. I'm not leaving because some thugs I've gotten it in their heads that they can come here and act with impunity. That shit needs to stop now.

  11. I love this blog, please invite Tunney to read it.
    -Sitting Duck

  12. After 15 years in Boystown, we are moving to a small town in Minnesota at the end of the week. It is a thug-free town because the cops and judges have no mercy on criminals.