Wednesday, May 04, 2016

MIXED BAG: Local Burglar Gets 4 Year Sentence, Another Gets Probation

Court developments this week in cases that you read about on CWB Chicago:

Radcliffe (top) and Craig
• 18-year-old Dezmond Radcliffe received a 4-year prison sentence Thursday after he pleaded guilty to burglarizing a home in the 3700 block of N. Lakewood in late December. Radcliffe's alleged partner in the burglary is Eli Ruff, a 19-year-old who's accused of beating an elderly Wrigleyville woman during a home invasion with two other men in January.

• Meanwhile, a 19-year-old man charged with burglarizing an occupied Lincoln Park apartment at 1AM on November 27 has received a sentence of 30 months probation. The burglary victim hid in a closet and texted an acquaintance in the California Highway Patrol while the intruder searched her apartment for valuables. The CHP officer contacted Chicago cops who arrived in time to catch Eric D. Craig of Humboldt Park as he walked out of the woman's apartment, police said.

• A judge threw out aggravated assault charges this week against Uriel Ugalde, the 28-year-old Plainfield man who was accused of flashing a gun during a street altercation in Wrigleyville on April 16.

• Finally, Kenneth King, the four-time convicted thief and burglar who police arrested after they saw him running down a Lincoln Park street in the middle of the night with a cash register belonging to Lush Cosmetics, has been released on electronic monitoring.

Images: Cook County Sheriff's Office
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  1. 30 months probation? He should have been charged with Home Invasion or at least Residential Burglary, both would have been mandatory prison sentences. I am very worried that things will be even worse when Foxx takes over the SA office.

  2. It's no wonder there is so much crime. There is virtually no punishment for committing crimes. When the CPD catches them, the judges let them off. I can only hope that karma will take care of the judges and they become the crime victims.

  3. What a f*cking joke!

  4. Such disparities in sentencing. Esp. the guy who was caught red handed with the cash register. Electronic monitor - really????? The others probably had records or were on parole, that's why they got sentenced.

  5. So you break into a woman's house at 1:00am, which no doubt was a terrifying experience for her, you take her stuff....and you get a slap on the wrist?? What if he found her in the closet? I bet things would have really gone south quickly.

    The judges are idiots. Almost ALL of them need to go. How dare they carelessly allow these hardened predators roam the street to prey on the innocent. I hope ALL of these worthless judges become victims of violent crime. They deserve it. Karma.....

  6. What the fuck is wrong with this city? 30 month PROBATION? Case thrown out? ELECTRONIC MONITORING?

    When there is no deterrent in the form of jail and prison time, these POS criminals will continue to plague our city

  7. In addition to the names of the criminals, we also need to know the names if the judges.

  8. What inscribe name and picture if you can of the 19 yo that got 30 months probation. He is on the street and probation won't stop him from burglarizing. If anyone sees him or any suspicious people call 911 with as accurate description and try to mention something that really ids the person (i.e. Blue shoes with 2 white stripes, or a blind streak in hair)

  9. The word on street "who da judge" "its Lucky G" "oh you be ah ight""he cool" refering to Judge Marvin Luckman 19th district.This judge needs to retire he is not cool with public safety.He always throughs cases out or give a light sentence and the criminals know it.

    1. You're right. Just a google search for Judge Marvin Luckman shows pages and pages of stories about him letting criminals off and throwing out cases because he believed some lame story. The guy sounds completely incompetent. If you commit a crime, you deserve the proper punishment and probation for burglary is not punishment. In most cities one burglary gets you 5-10 years. In Chicago, 20 burglaries, a couple assaults, and mugging gets you 2 and you're out in 4 months. The system here is weak. Benefit the criminals I guess.

  10. Was in Luckmans courtroom last week . Total joke , no finding of probable cause over and over again. I've been in criminal courtrooms for 25 years and the 2 judges at Belmont and Western are two of the worst.When criminals are arrested over and over again with no consequences they become that much more emboldened . peopl

  11. Was Luckman presiding over the Ugalde case?

  12. Whoever the Judge may be, the catch and release lawlessness is half the reason for all the crime, Red Line probably 25%, don't give a shit attitude of victims another 25%. Get a grip and take back the neighborhood. We are low hanging fruit.