Monday, May 23, 2016

Jewelry Store Heist Suspect Pleads Guilty, Gets Boot Camp

Talk about quick work. Barely a month after police responding to a Lincoln Park jewelry store’s burglar alarm arrested Doel Pizarro with burglary tools and a tray of display rings, a plea deal has been reached.

Pizarro (Chicago Police Dept)
In exchange for his guilty plea, 23-year-old Pizarro was assigned to Cook County boot camp, which consists of “18 weeks of intensive military training and an eight–month supervised post–release program” according to the program’s website.

Police never found the second man was seen running out of Steve Quick Jeweler with Pizarro at 1:30AM on April 11.

Speed Walker

And a second Lincoln Park burglary case has come to a quick resolution, too.

Walker (Ill Dept of Corrections)
James E. Walker, arrested near Southport and Lill after undercover cops caught him leaving the scene of a midday burglary on April 6, has pleaded guilty to one count of theft.

Walker, 22, received a two year sentence in exchange for his plea.
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