Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Cubs Fan Yanked Out Cop's Hair, Prosecutors Say

A Cicero man is facing a felony charge after police said he pulled a chunk of a female officer’s hair out by its roots, leaving an “unsightly bald spot” after a recent Cubs game, according to court records.

Ellis (Cook Co. Sheriff's Office)
19th district officers say they saw David M. Ellis and another man pushing each other on a crowded sidewalk outside of the Cubby Bear at Clark and Addison around 7:15PM on Sunday. One officer stepped between Ellis and the other man and began to push them apart when they failed to follow officers’ orders to stop, police said.

That’s when Ellis “grabbed a fistful of [the officer’s] hair, yanking it out,” the cops’ report says. The female cop also suffered a bent fingernail and a bruised leg as she fought back with “several closed fist strikes and elbow strikes."

A second officer “performed an emergency takedown of Ellis and placed him in custody,” according to the report.

The injured cop declined medical attention despite having “an unsightly bald spot on top of her head” after having a chunk of “hair pulled out by its root,” officers said.

Garcia (CPD)
David M. Ellis, 32, is charged with felony aggravated battery causing great bodily harm to a police officer and misdemeanor reckless conduct. He is free on $150,000 bond.

The other man, 30-year-old Adrian Garcia of Mokena, IL, was taken into custody without incident and is charged with two counts of reckless conduct. Garcia is a registered sex offender who is in full compliance, according to police.

Box Score

Current Cubs home game arrest stats for 2016:

  • Home Games Played: 20
  • Home Games With No Arrests: 3
  • Total Arrests: 29 (24 Male, 5 Female)
  • Number of Arrestees Tazed: 1
  • Arrestees’ Average Age: 26.8 years
  • Arrestees’ Home States: Illinois (25); Indiana (2); New York and Iowa (1)
  • Illinois Cities With Most Arrestees: Chicago (9); Aurora (2)
  • Chicago Neighborhood With Most Arrestees: Avondale (2)
  • Most Common Charges: Battery (11); Reckless conduct (5)
  • Most Common Addresses Of Arrest: (Tie with 3 arrests each) 
    • 1059 W. Addison - The Cubby Bear
    • 1060 W. Addison - Wrigley Field
    • 3462 N. Clark - Country Club Bar
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  1. Oh! This is child's play compared to what we'll read about once that idiotic beer plaza garden thing gets going.

  2. "David M. Ellis, 32, is charged with felony aggravated battery causing great bodily harm to a police officer and misdemeanor reckless conduct. He is free on $150,000 bond."

    Now if the same thing was done to a mere citizen, what do you think the criminal would have been charged with? What do you think bail would be set at?

    1. Sorry, you're right, police should be openly yelled at, sworn at and beat in public while in uniform, the hell with order and civility. Judges, federal agents, doctors, nurses, congressmen, senators, the president and other dignitaries shouldn't be a protected class either. I mean, like, after all they're like just people too, like ya know?

      If we are supposed to take beatings with no greater repercussions than the other party a violent subject is fighting, why not fight the police? You sure know how to set a good precedence and incentivize attacking police.

      Stay fetal, the masses demand it

  3. Lets get that 6,000 seat beer garden started. Maybe we can bring the numbers up.