Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Cab Disagreement Ends With 3 Arrested, 1 Tazed In Wrigleyville

How does a simple disagreement between a cab driver and a passenger turn into a cop being battered, three people being arrested, and one getting tazed? Welcome to Wrigleyville.

Weber, Bryne, Weber
Chicago police assigned to Wrigleyville after Sunday’s Cubs game say they came upon a cab disturbance in the 3400 block of N. Clark Street.

Officers say they asked three passengers to exit the cab, but one of them—Kyle Weber—refused. The other two intervened and tried to prevent Weber from being arrested, court records say.

Police zapped Weber with a Taser after he “continued to disobey…pulled away and stiffened up” to prevent being arrested, according to a police report.

Weber, 29, Norwood Park, is charged with resisting police and criminal trespass to vehicle.

Weber’s friend, 24-year-old John Bryne of Brooklyn, NY, is charged with aggravated battery of a police officer and resisting police for allegedly interfering with Weber’s arrest and pushing a cop who was trying to get Weber out of the cab.

While that was going down, police say, Courtney Weber tried to block officers from making the arrest while telling the male cops, “you can’t touch me or arrest me because I am a female.” Weber quickly learned that she was mistaken. 27-year-old Weber of Edison Park is charged with obstructing police.

Cubs Stats

  • Home Games Played: 10
  • Number of Arrests: 17
  • Arrestees Tazed: 1
  • Arrestee Sex: 14 male, 3 female
  • Arrestee Average Age: 26 
  • Most Common Charges: Battery (6); Shoplifting (3)
  • Most Common Arrestee Home Towns: Chicago (5); Aurora, IL (2)
  • Most Common Arrestee Home States: Illinois (14); Indiana (2)


  1. Miss Courtney looks like a particularly problematic piece of work.

    1. I'll say it again, if I were female and my name was Courtney, I'd have it legally changed.

  2. I see they are training a New Yorker to be like them.

  3. "You can't touch me cuz I'm female".

    "You can't touch cuz I'm black!".

    "Transgendereds are allowed to steal cuz we're underprivileged and have rights".

    You see where this whole country and especially cities like Chicago are headed, right? And I'm gay.

  4. Who told her that she can't be touched or arrested because she's a female? I wonder if she plans to sue the Chicago police dpt. Lol

  5. Please tell me you're going to keep updating those stats throughout the year! Those are great!

  6. This is wonderful. What a bunch of Boobs.

  7. What's the Cubs game arrest total for April? We set the over/under at18.5

    1. ...but keep in mind that 2 games were postponed, so your over/under was better than the numbers may appear. How's May looking?

    2. No Cards, Sox, or Brewers. 1 per weekday, 1.5 on Fridays and Sunday's, 2 per Saturday. 16.5 for May.

  8. Do the Cubs help pay for public security? If an event like TBOX, which brings thousands to the area for drinking and festivities, has to pay for extra security, why are the Cubs any different? Does CWB know?