Friday, May 20, 2016

Another Lakeview Fire Displaces 8 Residents In Wrigleyville

Crews work the fire at Cornelia and Seminary. (Chicago Fire Dept)
Eight Wrigleyville residents are looking for new homes after a fire broke out on the rear wooden porch of a 3-story house at 1067 W. Cornelia at 4:40 this morning.

The flames spread to a neighboring building’s wooden porch, but no residents of that home were displaced, police said.

A propane tank exploded during the fire and damaged two vehicles that were parked nearby, according to an officer who was on the scene.

Crews hit hot spots after this morning's fire. (Image: the1stMikeC)
One fireman was treated for minor burns to the back of his neck. The injured fireman is assigned to Engine 78, which is based just outside of Wrigley Field’s left field wall.

Arson investigators are on the scene at this hour.

A neighbor has posted YouTube video of firemen hitting hot spots. See it HERE.

Lakefront Fire

Police and CFD responded to a small fire near the Sydney Marovitz Golf Course clubhouse about 15 minutes after the Cornelia blaze was reported. No one was injured and the nature of the fire has not been determined.
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  1. I have seen the two that set the fire on Aldine at the center several times since. I hope officers can bring them in for questioning.

  2. Wow, fires at wood frame homes every week. looks like another real estate developer on the move.

  3. I know Chicago must have a hundred thousand of these wooden porches, and they are stereotype Chicago,l but I doubt NYC building code would ever have allowed these things.

    I am now thinking of the collapse on Wrightwood killing many in 2003.

  4. The fact that a porch is made of wood is not the point. The people killed in the 2003 porch collapse were victims of the tenants who failed to monitor the number of guests who were allowed on the porch during the party. City code provided, at that time, a maximum load of 40 lbs per square foot. There were too many people on the facility at the time of collapse. Witnesses reported people were dancing and rocking the porch back and forth just before the event. Prior to this tragedy, the porch had been used in a reasonable manner - including moving furniture in and out of the building - for many years without incident. It's true the porch was constructed without a building permit. That fact was used by the media as proof that it was unsafe and to prevent the appearance of "blaming the victim". The landlord, wrongly, was trying to avoid an increase his tax basis by ignoring the permit process. But the porch was fully code compliant and built by a licensed contractor. How do I know this? I lived and owned property across the street at the time and knew this landlord. Understand that I was certainly sympathetic to the families and friends of those killed. But those are the facts. DON"T OVERLOAD YOUR PORCH, MY FRIENDS!

  5. Taxes and crime skyrocket, middle class residents flee, property values and demand for rental units plummet, suspicious arson fires blaze.... there's a definite pattern.

    1. Speaking as a landlord who owns the building directly across the street from this fire, demand for rental units are mot plummeting. As a matter of fact rents are rising and demand is up in Wrigleyville. I hope you are not suggesting the landlord set this fire, I know them and they are devastated.

  6. Suspicious though that the fires all start on the back porch. And this one at 4:40 am. Couldn't be that the arsonists from last year are returning?

  7. Any updates on the cause of this fire??