Tuesday, April 19, 2016

WRIGLEYVILLE: Woman Kicked By Police Horse After Boyfriend Slaps Animal's Ass (And Other Cubs Game Tales)

We can always rely on Cubs fans to keep our job interesting. Here are a few folks who have already impressed us with their alleged game day antics in Wrigleyville:

A Real Kick In The Gut

A Logan Square woman was kicked in the stomach by a Chicago Police Department horse outside of Wrigley Field after her boyfriend scared the animal by slapping it on the butt following the Cubs’ home opener, according to department records.

Ehle (Chicago Police Department)
29-year-old Daniel Ehle of Lyons is charged with one count of reckless conduct in connection with the incident which played out minutes after the Cubs won their first home game of the season last Monday, court records say.

Police officers working the Cubs detail said that they were standing on the corner of Clark and Addison at 10:05PM when they saw Ehle walked up and slap “Police Horse Kelly” on the right hind quarter. A third officer was seated atop Kelly at the time of the incident, the cops said.

“This action caused Police Horse Kelly to become startled and kick [the 23-year-old woman] in the midsection,” an officer said.

An ambulance was called for the victim, but she later declined medical attention.

Have A Ball

Bruce (Chicago Police Department)
A 32-year-old Hanover, IN, man is charged with reckless conduct after police assigned to Sunday’s Cubs game saw him drive recklessly through Wrigleyville and throw a baseball into a crowd of fans outside the stadium, court records say.

Officers working the Addison Red Line station said James Bruce committed “numerous traffic violations” and “[threw] a league baseball out the window of his car into a crowd of people standing outside of Wrigley Field."

Bruce then “opened the driver’s side door of his vehicle in traffic while he was driving north on Sheffield. [He] then drove in reverse on Sheffield with cars traveling in both directions and large crowds of people nearby,” one cop wrote.

Jersey Score

Budnick (Chicago Police Department)
32-year-old Joe Budnick of Aurora is charged with retail theft after the manager of a Wrigleyville souvenir shop told police that he had been caught shoplifting before Saturday’s game.

The manager of Sports World, 3555 N. Clark, said he saw Budnick stuff a Cubs jersey and a Chicago flag hat down his shorts before walking out of the store without paying, a police report says. Retail value: $88.20


2016 Cubs home game arrest statistics:

  • Number of home games played: 6
  • Number of arrests: 10
  • Arrestee sex: 9 male, 1 female
  • Arrestee average age: 27.9
  • Most common charges: Battery (3); Reckless conduct (3)
  • Most common arrestee home towns: Chicago (2); Aurora (2)

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  1. This is great. Please keep this up throughout the season! My husband and I just had a good laugh.

  2. GIVE US MORE HORSES !!! We need them patrolling our streets and alleys , maybe kicking a burglar or two...Want to see the ACLU question THEM !!!

  3. Why would you slap a police horse? They're magnificent creatures.

    1. I used to work with that guy. He's actually a decent dude, but often didn't think before he acted/spoke. Looks like he was crying before the mugshot... pretty sure he knew he screwed up.

  4. It is amazing how many drunk people end up slapping a police horse. The horse seems to reduce people's impulse control.

  5. These nincompoops are wasting valuable police resources who have better things to do.....like catch all the robbers & muggers that are plaguing our once, safe neighborhood.

  6. A police horse is, indeed, a police officer. Think about that the next time, asshole, when you think you need to slap the officer on the ass.

  7. Horse should have kicked him, not her.

  8. What's the ole saying.. Mess with the Bull, you get the horns... Mess with the horse & you get the hoof. Lol