Tuesday, April 12, 2016

WINNERS AND LOSERS: Cubs Opener Spawns 3 Arrests

It wasn't the worst night we've seen in Wrigleyville. Not by far. But, with at least three arrests and plenty of ambulance runs, the Cubs' home opener managed to rack up its fair share of stupidity. Here are some...uh...highlights from Chicago police and fire communications:

Image: The Heckler
4:40PM - The police horsies have arrived! They’re saddled up on Addison.

5:34PM - “They got a male in the firehouse intoxicated and delusional." 1052 W. Waveland.

6:05PM - Officer reports that a citizen told them that there’s a person down in the 3500 block of N. Fremont. The officer quickly confirms that “we have a young lady with a bloody face.”

6:46PM - Woman unconscious outside of Yak-Zies, 3710 N. Clark

7:05PM - Opening pitch!

8:20PM - Yay! 1 hour and 15 minutes after the opening pitch, we have the first Wrigleyville arrest of the Cubs season. Simple battery.  3700 block of N Clark.

9:50PM - Dispatcher: "When you get rollin' there's a man who can't walk. 1142 Addison."
Officer: ”Heh-heh. Yeah, OK."

9:55PM - "A male is passed out on top of the caller's car.” Addison and Ashland.

10:08PM - Cubs win!

10:12PM - Another arrest. Clark and Addison.

Image: Chicago Police Department
10:13PM - “Can we get an ambo to Addison and Clark? A police horse kicked a woman.”

10:20PM - Assault in progress. A man threatening people inside 7-Eleven. Oh, yeah. He’s bleeding from the face. 3407 N. Halsted.

10:32PM - 700 block of Brompton for the man who’s bleeding after putting his hand through a window.

10:34PM - Clark and Roscoe for the man who’s swinging a bat at passers-by. He’s dressed in a baseball uniform.

10:19PM - Man passed out in the women’s bathroom. 954 Newport.

11:46PM - Domestic. Woman hit in the head with a bottle outside 10XX W. Newport.

12:19AM - The Cubby Bear is holding one for breaking out windows. Also, Sluggers says three guys they just kicked out are fighting in the middle of the street.

12:28AM - Check on the suspicious man with bloody hands. Halsted and Belmont.

1:40AM - Yep! People are still getting arrested. The night’s third known arrest stems from a fight outside of Moe’s Cantina, 3518 N. Clark.
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