Sunday, April 24, 2016

VIDEO: After Boystown Fire, Arson Investigators Question 2

Two people are in police custody after fire swept through an abandoned home in Boystown Sunday evening. No one was injured in the fire, which was reported at 6PM.

Peter Skrabacz lives nearby: “I smelled something outside and when I went out to take my dog I saw the building next door on fire."

Officers transported two individuals to Harrison and Kedzie in Garfield Park for questioning by arson detectives, a source said.

As of 10:15PM, fire investigators remained on the scene.

Built in 1880, the 2-story wood-frame home at 651 W. Aldine sold for $650,000 on March 17, according to

It had been listed as for sale by owner since at least 2007, according to a longtime neighbor.

Fire image: Peter Skrabacz
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  1. Says much about the "skyrocketing Chicago real estate values" too when a home that sold not long ago for $650,000 is "abandoned".

  2. A lot of fires in th city lately, any guesses who's responsible?

  3. Greedy real estate developer?

  4. Wow! The offenders had to be transported to the west side at Harrison & Kedzie since Belmont & Western has been shut down and is a ghost town. So that means another transport vehicle assigned to our district has to spend an extra hour not patrolling our streets and answering calls to cart the offenders off 1/2 way across the city. I guess the west side really needs those detectives. I saw on the news today that 30 people were shot over the weekend in just a 13 hour period. I am sure that those detectives got information on each and every one of those shootings . . . Oh, sorry, the "don't snitch" policy is still in effect.

  5. I walked by there today on my way to lunch and I was just thinking it had to be arson.

  6. Looks like the '67 riots in Detroit sans the Prius.

  7. Great -- because last year's rash of arsons wasn't bad enough. Arson really should be treated as attempted mass murder.

  8. "Ald. Tunney proposes art program on public way"

    Don't anybody worry. Tunney will bring in all this art to stop he crime in the area.

    (The Sun_Times is obviously an extension of the the city's P-R department)

  9. Tom could not stop a nose bleed with kleenex and cotton.