Friday, April 08, 2016

THE BERLIN MAUL: Tip On "Handyman" Leads To Arrest In Easter Mugging Of Lakeview Senior

Surveillance image of the alleged attacker and Berlin (Chicago Police Department)
A tip from a Boystown homeowner has led to the arrest of a suspect in the brutal mugging of a 75-year-old Lakeview woman on Easter morning.

Darren Berlin, 61, of the South Shore neighborhood is charged with robbery of a victim over the age of 60. Berlin is also known as Larry Tolliver, according to court records. He was released from prison on parole less than a month before the attack, according to 44th Ward Alderman Tom Tunney.

According to multiple sources, a Lakeview woman who saw video of the robbery met with police on April 2 because she believed that a man she recently hired to perform odd jobs resembled the robbery suspect. The tipster said the man identified himself as "Larry" when she hired him to do chores near Halsted and Grace days after the mugging. Investigators subsequently made a connection between the woman’s report and Berlin.

Several other neighborhood residents have called 911 since the mugging to report possible sightings of the suspect—most in the area of the 3600 block of N. Pine Grove, where the crime occurred—but responding officers were never able to catch up with the suspect.

Prosecutors say Berlin is the man who jumped an elderly woman as she shuffled off an elevator in a senior-focused housing center at 3639 N. Pine Grove shortly before 9AM on March 27. Berlin threw the woman onto the elevator floor and “rummaged through the storage compartment” of her walker before fleeing, police said.

Berlin was arrested in Woodlawn on Wednesday afternoon for allegedly breaking into cars in the 6200 block of S. Vernon, according to a police source.

Berlin, who also faces theft and criminal trespass to vehicle charges in connection with Wednesday's alleged antics, is due in bond court today.
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  1. Back to jail Berlin. Your 61 and your victim is 75. Seems like you should be in jail at least until age 75 before you get out. Enjoy your golden years in jail you jerk off.

    1. They'll hit him hard for violating his parole before they even get around to sentencing him for this crime.

    2. I hope they hit him hard for violating his parole. I hope he never sees the light of day until he's too feeble to hold his bladder....much less beat up senior citizens.

      Here is proof that it is not possible to rehabilitate these miscreants. Unless they catch a bullet (and save the citizens of Chicago from being thugged) they will continue to rob and beat people well into their old age. He's 61 and still thugging!

      It is especially terrifying that the muggings are getting more and more violent. No one is off limits to them, even little old ladies. Disgusting.

    3. He may walk if they can't get her to the court date. Tom - do you have some one who can get her there ? ? ? I know you are busy flipping pancakes, but if one of your 10 or 12 staff members can give her a ride I think this would be a slam dunk. Are you looking into this ??

    4. Hit him hard? No he will simply finish out his existing sentence then get sentenced for this crime.

  2. Thank God! He should be charged with attempted murder or at least attempted manslaughter of this frail senior!

    "He was released from prison on parole less than a month before the attack, according to 44th Ward Alderman Tom Tunney."

    Thanks, tommyBoy. What are YOU doing to protect your constituents?? What the hell is going to be done about these crud judges???!! I hope CWB will put up a 'sticky' category at the site's top border of the gleaned research about them from past history. It's going be to more and more vital in this town with a notable growth of these growing, frenzied, inhumane thugs preying on residents for money for subsistance or drug gangs to be armed with this knowledge for the next elections. There can be no clearer message to the bleeding hearts than soundly booting them out!

    Again, God bless CWB for your devotion, immense contribution to the safety of our neighborhoods!

  3. Go to Hell, Berlin...or whatever your fucking name is. Lowlife asshole woman beater.

  4. Grest job taking this guy down, residents!

  5. Trust me She'll get there when she's needed.