Thursday, April 21, 2016

LAKEVIEW: No Injuries In Thursday Shooting Attempt

Shell casings have been recovered from the scene of an attempted shooting near the 1500 block of W. Addison Thursday evening. No one was injured, but a small group of people told police that they had been targeted.

Police responded to the area around 8:15PM after several 911 callers reported hearing shots fired.

Witnesses reported seeing two Asian or Hispanic men, one wearing a red shirt and the other wearing a black shirt. One of the two was said to have “shaggy hair,” according to a witness.

One woman told Southport Corridor News and Events that she heard five or six gunshots:
I was outside with my 3 kids and heard it then saw a girl running. She ran up to us and said it was a Hispanic or Asian male, dark shirt and glasses and baseball hat…I had my kids so I heard [the shots] and took off running…
Shell casings were later found outside of a home on the corner of Addison and Bosworth, police said.

Gun Found In Wrigleyville Trash Can

(1) Scene of alleged assault; (2) Ugalde's arrest; (3) Gun found Thursday
Garbagemen found a handgun in a Wrigleyville trash can Thursday morning, just steps from where a Plainfield, IL, man allegedly brandished a handgun during a street confrontation Saturday night.

Police on Saturday were unable to locate a gun, but witnesses identified the man and he was charged this week with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Police have not yet made a definitive connection between the recovered gun and Saturday’s incident.

Ugalde (Chicago Police Dept)
Uriel O Ugalde, 28, was charged in the case after witnesses said he lifted his shirt to reveal a black handgun in his waistband and threatened to shoot a man during a fight outside of Sluggers Bar, 3540 N. Clark, around 10PM on Saturday.

Police said multiple witnesses were pointing and yelling as units arrived on-scene. Armed with a description of the alleged offender, cops stopped Ugalde in the 3400 block of N. Seminary. He was subsequently identified by witnesses as the man who had a gun.

Despite the eyewitness confirmation, officers were unable to find a handgun that night.
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  1. Ah, the telling neck tattoo.

  2. Being named Uriel O. Ugalde has got to make a person angry.

  3. Nice, spend $2 million for a house around 1500 W. Addison and risk getting shot walking home from dinner.

    1. I always wondered who was buying these very expensive homes in the area. There are dozens more being built. Perhaps the prices will have to drop?

    2. I could never fathom that either. I realized I'm probably not the city type but it would be cool to have one if those houses but definitely NOT at that price.

  4. Tom, are you looking into all of these incidents? Are you in constant communication with the District Commander and what few Detectives that are still left at Belmont & Western since most of them have been moved to the south and west sides? My property tax bill, that you voted for, went up $5,000. What do I and others get for that? I think a BIG " I got mine and F U ".

    1. Sadly, you get nothing for the extra $5K in taxes. Well, you do get an increased chance of being robbed, beaten, your house broken into as well as a chance of catching some lead. Truly sad.....

      On the other hand, the south & west sides, whose criminals migrate to our target rich area, get all the detectives and all of our cops. Not to mention tons of victims and little chance of getting caught due to our decimated police department.

    2. Anyone hear a single gun shot Saturday morning around 4:00am? I live on LSD and Brompton and face west, and my windows were open. Was I dreaming or did anyone else hear this?? It sure sounded like a gun shot.

    3. Sadly Looney Tunney's Facebook site is pretty much free of any critical comments. The residents should bombard every one of his social media sites with demands for answers.

    4. 5000 on top of your tax bill. It your own fault if you stay in Chicago and Cook. Face the fact the Chicago will soon be the next Detroit and Toni Preckwinkle is doing her spring cleaning of the jail. One train ride away from your door.

  5. The Latin Kings were shooting each other outside my home just the other day. How quaint.

    Wait till the boys at the club hear this one!

  6. Tom is trying hard to stop gentrification in Lakeview. My neighbor just decided to move to the suburbs because of Tom's agenda - less police, more halfway houses and increased crime + higher taxes to boot. Tom is getting his wish with my neighbor. We may be next.

  7. He looks like such a nice young man. Hard to believe he did this criminal act. Perhaps his mother will release a picture of his kindergarten graduation to the media to plead his case.

  8. One man car's again tonight on a Saturday night I see. Same ones taking off every weekend and getting it off, same ones staying down on jobs. This is just getting old. If you can't do your job and be here on your work days just quit. Trust me some of all us working would also like to be off. Be safe everybody, back each other up..

  9. It's a nice day to start again!
    We all have the same problem with all this crime caused by people that don't even live here. That sucks!
    Tax revenue comes from us. Here. Police and such go to the South or West sides. Hmmm. What's wrong with that picture?
    Everyone should write or call Rahm and Out of touch Alderman Tom and complain. All of - us tomorrow by 10AM. Call.
    Somebody has to do something.
    We are somebody!