Friday, April 29, 2016

"IS IT ON VIDEO?": Burglar Busted With Cash Register On His Shoulder, Cops Say

A convicted burglar who is currently on parole for theft is charged with breaking into a Lincoln Park store early Monday and running off with its cash register.

King (Cook Co. Sheriff's Office)
Police say they saw Kenneth King sprinting down a side street with a cash register on his shoulder around 12:30AM as they responded to a burglar alarm at Lush Cosmetics, 859 W. Armitage.

Cops say King’s initial response to his arrest was asking, “did somebody see me do it? Is it on video?”

King, 36, is a Black P-Stone gang member who was given three concurrent 2-year sentences for Lincoln Park and Lakeview theft cases in in 2014. He was released after serving only six months in prison, according to state records.

His bail is set at $200,000.

More Cases

Overnight burglaries of businesses on the North Side have continued since King’s arrest.

Just four hours after King was taken into custody, front doors were smashed in at two businesses in Wrigleyville and Boystown. The cash box was taken from Clark Street Sports, 3465 N. Clark, around 4:40AM. Moments later, a cash register was stolen from Salad House, 3176 N. Broadway.

Yesterday morning, an employee reporting for work at Tolotzin Mexican Cuisine, 4431 N. Broadway, found a front window broken out and the restaurant’s cash register lying in an alley.

Most recently, Gramaphone Records, 2843 N. Clark, was burglarized around 2:45AM today.
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  1. Wait....he was on parole...and he committed more crimes?
    Is that even possible?

  2. An educated consumer of police services knows that without video or witness "you got nothing".

  3. 3 concurrent two year sentences, and he only served 6 months. If you were the judge who sentenced him, what would you say at election time? That he did 25% of the sentence, or 10% of the sentence?

  4. Prison life must be pretty cushy because these guys have no fear or returning. I wouldn't stomach 1 night much less a short 3-month sentence that these punks get over and over and over

  5. Just saw this on Reddit. Thought you may be interested.

  6. Nothing on Tom Tunnys mass e-mail about any of this crime going on. Thing are going smooth in the ward. " As you know, for the first street sweeping of the year, I personally go out about an hour before the street sweeper arrives and with a shovel in hand, clean the curbs". He also invites all of the people living on the block which he voted for the $550 million tax increase, to join him with a shovel to help clean their streets. If I gave the kid next door $5.00 to get the trash cleaned up in front of my house, he would jump with joy. My taxes went up $6,000 and I should shovel my street? ? ? Tom, look at the crime and do not worry about the curbs.

  7. 'Cops say King’s initial response to his arrest was asking, “did somebody see me do it? Is it on video?”'

    Mr. King does have a point. The most I can see him being charged with at this point is possession of a lost or mislaid cash register.

  8. It's the same faces again and again. Here is a novel approach to sentencing: MAKE THEM DO ALL OF THEIR TIME!! Perhaps, then we can have some peace, in Lincoln Park and Lakeview.

  9. Damn. Comedy writers can't write this crap! 'Did anyone see it on video..." Indeed.

  10. Repeat offender.. KING IS the same person who broke into LUSH, broke into Clear Nail Spa and attempted a burglary at Spa Spazio and countless others in LP and that's a FACT. YOU I and EVERYONE ELSE including the police all know he is the same person. They have surveillance video no doubt. come on people.. He was shown on video and wearing the same clothes.. And now he is out on electronic monitoring. what a justice system we have.

  11. He started out like Carl Lewis and ended up like Jerry Lewis!

  12. He started out like Carl Lewis and ended up like Jerry Lewis!