Monday, April 18, 2016

HEARTLESS: Hours After Tragic Fire, Burglars Raid Lakeview Apartment Building

Seen in ABC7's Friday report on the fire, this woman's apartment was among four burglarized in the building over the weekend, a source said. (WLS-TV screen grab)
Hours after an early morning fire in the 3400 block of N. Janssen left four people hospitalized early Friday, displaced residents of the heavily-damaged apartment building were given a few brief minutes to go inside and collect critical belongings.

The next day, burglars forced their way into the boarded-up building and took virtually everything valuable that was left behind.

Three of the fire’s four victims remain in critical condition in Stroger Hospital’s burn unit. A fourth is recovering at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Two of the victim saved themselves by jumping from windows on the third floor, where investigators believe the blaze began.

Officers were called back to the scene at 3431 N. Janssen around 10 o’clock Sunday morning after someone discovered that burglars had forced their way through the back of the second floor. Four of the building’s six units were soon found burglarized.

The unbelievably heartless, kick-‘em-when-they’re-down break-in was reported as our area continues to suffer through a six-month-long burglary surge.

Chicago police say break-ins during the first quarter of 2016 were up 126% in Lakeview and up 226% in the 44th ward, which includes the fire scene and most of Wrigleyville and Boystown.

Burglar Chased By Lakeview Dad

Meanwhile, a Lakeview man chased after two intruders who forced their way into his family’s home around 4:45AM Saturday.

“They used a crowbar to enter a rear glass door in front of an obvious alarm panel,” the man told us yesterday, “and the lights were on.”

The burglars managed to outpace the victim, who last saw one of the men near 1650 W. Irving Park Road. That suspect was described as black, about 6’3” tall, and wearing a black hoodie.

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  1. This would seem an appropriate time to donate to a go find me page for the victims on Janssen. Sadly, one has to wonder if a GFM page would be legit these days too. What a sick world. Please let us know if you find a way for us to help, CWB. This is beyond sad.

  2. CWB- how can we help these people? Money, clothes, toiletries, furniture, etc. Please let us know if you here of something set up for them I would like to help. This is one of the worst things I've ever heard.

  3. Wow, just wow...............

  4. Agree. If there is a legitimate relative that can come forth, please post a gofundme update. This is simply unacceptable.

  5. I would be interested contributing to something like this also.

  6. And not a word from our illustrious alderthing or anyone higher up in the District 019 communications area. Nice. This is a preview of the type of thing we can look forward to this spring and summer.... thugs coming in and doing as they please. We are FUCKT.

  7. Pathetic vermin roaming streets throughout the north side and the alderjags refuse to attempt to solve the problem or even acknowledge one exists. With the warm weather coming I can only wonder how much lower this scum will go. I hope someone can find a way to establish a legitimate page to help these folks. God knows the politicians don't care about the people who pay the bills in this city.

  8. This is a legitimate go fund me page for my friend who had to jump from the third story window. Please consider donating as she is a great person who
    Does not deserve this. Thank you!

  9. Tom, Tom. How about putting a big billboard up next to the Red Line stop at Belmont saying " Welcome to Lakeview where you can Robb, Rape, Pillage, Burglarise and since the district is so short of police to respond, feel free to jump the turn style and return to the south and west sides. Tom, Tom, will you look into this and get back to us ? ? ?

  10. A GFM page has been started for one of the victims that's all I know.

  11. This Go Fund Me is definitely legit- it was set up by one of their very close friends who is helping them make arrangements for everything. There might be numerous GFM accounts (for the different units), but please take a moment and check out the page for these two women. Such an incredibly tough situation...

  12. What the hell are the commander and the tactical lieutenant doing to address these problems? It's their responsibility. What strategies do they have in place? Those are the questions that need to be asked.

    1. I think they are waiting for the 1st and the 16th when their paychecks come in. What can they do ? They have no police officers to work with. Thanks, Tom.

  13. Anyone know the other victims in addition to We'd love to help all of them.

  14. This is the link for one of the girls that was injured. Grace is the one that jumped from the building. I'm not sure about pages for the others and don't even know the names of the guys that were injured, particularly the angel that probably saved the life of Grace and her roommate. The fact that everyone in this building was so very impacted by the fire is enough - to have what little was left stolen is unacceptable, especially when I think about what the one guy risked to help his friends or just his neighbor. I wish I had more info for a page on the others but here is a link to the one Go Fund Me Page for Grace.
    I know no one on here has reason to trust me but I hope anyone reading this will and be compelled to help in whatever small way they can. One of the girls seriously hurt was a teacher at our school, Grace is her childhood friend and roommate - they are both amazing young ladies.