Tuesday, April 19, 2016

COPS: Valuables Lying In Plain Sight Are Drawing Burglars Into Occupied Homes

Most burglars try to avoid breaking into homes when there are people inside.

Image: Beacon Alarm
But police in our neighborhood say they are seeing a smash-and-grab technique used against occupied homes when burglars see unattended valuables lying in plain sight.

This brand of thief peeks into homes, looking for a wallet, car keys, purse, cellphone, computer, or jewelry lying near a window or door—day or night.

Two neighbors may have caught glimpses of one smash-and-grabber on Friday morning.

Around 6AM, a woman in the 1000 block of W. Grace told police that she saw a man peeking into her back window and then heard him run away. She investigated and found that he moved a stool from her yard so he could see into her home. Eyeing something valuable inside, he was moving the woman’s screen when she scared him off.

About 15 minutes later, a woman in the 3500 block of N. Racine reported a Peeping Tom. But, based on the women’s descriptions, the timing, and the close proximity of the two reports, police believe the woman was dealing with the same man who was seen on Grace.

He is described as black, 5’10” tall, wearing a black hat, a dark gray hoodie with the hood up, and white New Balance shoes.

Rude Awakening

Julie Howe and her family were awakened at 3:30AM yesterday by the sound of a 30-pound paving stone crashing through her family’s back door in the 1300 block of W. Nelson.

“Whoever did this only got away with a wallet and cash but were clearly looking for a quick grab,” Howe said. “He saw my husbands wallet and smashed the window with a paver. He tried to enter through a window but gave up and then smashed through a glass black door.”

Motion sensors, an alarm, and warning stickers on the windows didn’t dissuade the burglar.

“We ran downstairs not knowing what had happened and it was a terrifying seeing our home invaded, the sound of the glass still crackling like rain and not knowing if someone was still in our house as the children slept upstairs.”

“It is the scariest thing we have experienced and we are still rattled,” she said.

The Howes have started a Facebook group for their block so neighbors can share information and ideas.

Reporter Ben Bradley spoke with the Howes on ABC7’s news at 10PM last night.


• 600 block of W. Aldine last Thursday. Intruder kicked through the rear door and stole electronics and paintings.

• 2900 block of N. Halsted last Friday. Several laptops and an iPad taken. Another home was hit in the 1400 block of W. Altgeld.

• 3500 block of N. Wolcott yesterday afternoon. Neighbors saw two offenders break off their neighbor’s lock, go inside, and walk out with guitars and a suitcase.

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  1. Wait a minute, the bandit saw a Brinks security sign and proceeded to rob the place anyway?


    1. The Brink security sign didn't scare him one bit. The thief knew that the police response time would be slow slow, (due to our decimated police force on the north side), that he'd be halfway home on the red line by the time they arrived on scene.

  2. Bring back stop and frisk.

  3. I'm going to put Cappleman in my window.
    That MFer is valueless.
    Should help, right?
    The spinelessness will be a problem though - not sure how to prop him up. Maybe I'll ask Rahm.

    1. Hahahahahaha!! Love it!

    2. Glad you liked it.
      Friggin' Cappleman is THE worst.
      No statements. No action. No leadership. Nothing....well except voting for more taxes.
      Spineless. Silent. Syncophant.

  4. And not a peep out of Tunney alerting his constituents to these events .... if the moron is even aware they happened. He was probably off busy somewhere "looking into" a potential photo op with old ladies or school kids, or "working closely" with Joe Blow to solve other nasty crimes such as jaywalking.

  5. And, wow! Burglaries up 18% citywide and up 68% in Lakeview. You better start protecting yourselves.

  6. Next Caps meeting is May 10th at the 19th. Maybe more of our million dollar plus home buyers should show up. Since they have alot more to lose. Instead of the same people all the time. If you dont use your voice it will never change. Growing up in this neighborhood and being 3rd generation here. It has never been this bad cause it was a neighborhood people knew their neighbors and cared . Start making it a neighborhood again. The more the cubs and others build the worst it will get. All they see are the Benjamins.

    1. This...a very true and accurate comment. Sounds like Lakeview used to be similar to where I grew up on the south side. To be blunt, the shit going on around here wouldn't fly in them days. Everybody looked out for everybody else, and evil-doers paid a heavy price for their poor decisions...such a simple concept.

  7. Absolutely terrifying! These bold mother fuckers see the Brinks sign, yet still throw a paver through the door and enter while to homeowners are home! My God, this could have gone (way) south in a heartbeat. (As if this wasn't bad enough).

    What is it going to take before the residents of Lakeview say enough is enough, march, put up some billboards, demand adequate police services for the huge taxes we pay and TAKE OUR NEIGHBORHOOD BACK???

  8. For the first time in my life, I'm considering buying a gun.

    1. Good idea....nobody else is coming to your rescue,tho it seems hope springs eternal in the area's mindset.

  9. You think Tunney cares about the people in his ward? All he looks at is on the 1st of the month at his campaign account and sees who has donated.

  10. Also what is being done about the tent city nonsense that has moved in on Irving Park?? Cappelman's office basically told me to F-Off..

    1. Wow!
      Cappleman's office actually DID something? Somebody's actually alive over there?
      Damn. Who knew.

  11. Just came across this facebook event: Operation Taking Back Lakeview


  12. This is only going to get worse. I bet if Tunney's house was broken into, there would be quick arrests. I remember the good old days when criminals were caught by neighbors being aware. And the police were not called. Just an ambulance for "man passed out on street with injuries." They tend to "fall" so hard, don't they??

  13. Live like a monk then??