Friday, April 29, 2016

Alley Fires Prompt Warning For Lakeview, Lincoln Park

Arson investigators have issued an alert after six fires were set in Lakeview and Lincoln Park alleys early Monday morning.

Police say someone set fire to garbage cans in a half dozen locations between 4:30AM and 5:30AM. Some of the fires spread to nearby garages.

Locations and times of Monday's incidents:

  • 2800 block of N. Cambridge at 4:28AM
  • 1100 block of W. Oakdale at 5:04AM
  • 2900 block of N. Seminary at 5:09AM
  • 700 block of W. Oakdale at 5:16AM
  • 1100 block of W. Wolfram at 5:24AM
  • 2700 block of N. Racine at 5:28AM

Police are asking neighbors to secure the lids to their garbage cans. Large items should not be placed in alleys until pick up days, the alert says.

Anyone with video or information about Monday’s incidents are asked to call investigators at 312.746.7618. Refer to case HZ239011 or pattern P16-N-088.

Image: Magic of the Smokies
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