Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Woman Followed, Groped By Three Men In Boystown

UPDATE 8:33AM: A 33-year-old man from the Austin neighborhood is charged one count of criminal sexual abuse by force, according to the Chicago Police Department.

Nicholas M. Boykin is due in bond court today.
One suspect is in custody after a woman reported being inappropriately touched near Lakeview Athletic Club, 3212 N. Broadway, around 6:20AM Tuesday.

The victim told police that three men got off of a bus at Belmont and Broadway, then followed her for a short distance before groping her near the health club.

All three men ran west through an alley that runs alongside the gym. Images of at least two offenders were caught on surveillance video, police said.

Police took one suspect into custody near Halsted and Belmont minutes later.

The two men who remain at large are described as an unknown white man and a black man who stands about 6-feet tall and weighs about 190 pounds. He wore a black hoodie, a blue vest, blue jeans, and gray, white, and blue gym shoes.
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  1. The tourists from the south and west side continue to visit our hood. They shop (steal), they eat (dine and dash) and interact with the locals (grope them or punch them in the face). Welcome thugs!

  2. Who'd think Boystown would be unsafe for women. Get these thugs out of our neighborhood now!

  3. This is exactly why I moved away from a wonderful apartment on Melrose last year. I got sick of putting my life in danger every time I left the house, even in broad daylight. These criminals are so unbelievably brazen. It's obvious they have little fear of getting caught, and if they do, they know they'll only get a slap on the wrist. I had enough after 3 years.

    Clearly businesses in the area are suffering too (the ones that are left, anyway). I drove through the neighborhood recently on a pleasant sunny Saturday and Halsted and Belmont seemed like ghost towns compared to 5 years ago. With the huge rise in shootings and other violent crimes citywide, looks like it's only going to get worse. Stay safe, guys.

    PS Thank you CPD for your hard work. We appreciate your efforts immensely.

    1. The neighborhood is definitely not as lively and the creeps are out at night - I see them all the time. For hardened career criminals from rough hoods like Englewood, Lakeview is like Disneyland. Lots of easy targets (prey) with money, laptops, iPhones - putting up little to no resistance.

    2. I moved out as well.
      Great condo. Nice building. Cappleman's territory.
      VERY grudgingly spent the money to move to Gold Coast. Would have preferred a transfer to Manhattan, even with the clown DeBlazio.
      Any property owner who votes for one of the Three Stooges should be committed - a manifest danger to themselves and others.

  4. The same kind of thing is going on on Michigan Avenue and even in Water Tower Place.

    1. Water Tower Place has become super sketchy. Indoor mall has few places to escape once the thugs get rowdy. Only so many elevators, escalators.

    2. When you discover they have 8 of the 10 doors to Macy's locked upon entering (so they can't escape easily) it's CLUE NUMBER ONE they got some problems up in there. It's almost like a game. Door #1 or Door #3? I have some very detailed denial info about the merchants in that mall but will leave it at two of us went to call 911 and were stopped dead in our tracks by "managers". They don't want that publicity. And that was 6 YEARS ago.