Sunday, March 27, 2016

With Four More Robberies This Weekend, Wrigleyville/Boystown Gets Ugly

UPDATE 8:42PM: CPD has released video of the senior citizen being attacked. See it here.
There seems to be no end in sight for our neighborhood's skyrocketing robbery rate.

At least four robberies were reported in Wrigleyville and Boystown this weekend, including a violent attack on a woman who lives in a local senior housing high-rise as she left her home on Easter morning.

Three of the robberies were reported on Sunday:

Photos of man wanted for mugging senior citizen on Easter Sunday.
• A man called police from the Circle K convenience store at Addison and Halsted after three attackers jumped him and took his credit cards around 3:15AM. He described the main offender as a black man in his early 20’s with shaggy hair who stands about 5’6” tall. That man was last seen running southbound on Halsted with two black females, according to police.

• Shortly after 5AM, a man was jumped and robbed by five men under  the Belmont Red Line station L tracks. No offender descriptions are available.

• As CWBChicago reported Sunday afternoon, a senior citizen was attacked and robbed in the lobby of her apartment building in the 3600 block of N. Pine Grove shortly before 9AM on Easter Sunday. Police have issued video of the attack and photos of the suspect, which are shown here.

Anyone with information on the attack or the attacker is asked to call Area North detectives at 312.744.8263. Refer to case number HZ202830.

Our full report on the attack is available here.

• Also Sunday, a woman called 911 shortly before 1AM to report that a man snatched her wallet near Clark and Sheffield when she stopped to give him the time. The offender, described only as a black man in a do-rag, was last seen running northbound.

The fourth known robbery from this weekend was reported in the 1100 block of W. Addison early Saturday. Two men are in custody. Our report on the arrestees will be posted shortly. Our original report on the robbery is available here.

Images: Chicago Police Department

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  1. It really takes a special form of asshole to prey on a senior citizen, especially on Easter Sunday.

  2. Paging Paul Kersey...

  3. I used to be a regular visitor to Halsted Street. I have pretty much stopped visiting because of a couple of episodes in which I felt threatened while walking to my car. Now, unless I can find parking directly in front of where I want to be, I keep driving. I am 67 years old but stand 6'2" tall and weigh close to 300 lbs. If a guy my size can be made to feel threatened by some of the thugs who have come into the area, how much more threatened might someone of smaller stature feel.

    1. Similar experience YEARS ago cutting down Cornelia from Halsted. I know it was before midnight because I don't stay out late. I'm 6'1"/220# and he was 1/2 my size. I particularly cut down Cornelia early as I actually wanted to be on the other side of the street until I saw his shady ass but he followed me. I crossed mid-block and he crossed. I turned around and said "I KNOW you're not following me!" and he turned around. Yeah, if they're that brazen, I knew you had problems YEARS ago. Unless he had a gun I could have swung his butt over an apartment building.

      On the other hand, I recall my first Pride while actually living in Chicago. I was with some people that had lived in the city for years. We were obviously being followed down Halsted in the daytime. I advised the people I was with to cross the street. They were surprised with "Wha, wha, whaddya mean?". I told them we were being followed and if they cross behind us, it's on. They started to, I turned around and looked one directly in the eye then they turned back.

      You've had problems there since 2006 that I am fully aware of. It's only gotten worse since.

    2. I am fearful of what we will be reading on this forum on Monday, June 27, 2016, the day after this year's "pride" parade. The stories each year for the past few years have gotten more and more horrific each year. Last year was a shit storm and a blood bath. I can't fsthom how it will be worse this year, but it will be. And then a few days later, when Tunney and Cappleman and all the police and government types get together to "analyze" pride Sunday, they will sit there and stroke each other off at how smoothly everything went. I know, because I saw/heard these meetings this past June 2015, and then we were fed the same bullshit at the next CAPS meeting.

  4. I hope that I am around the day assholes like get their justice. Hopefully, it'll come from the end of a gun barrel.