Sunday, March 06, 2016

TRIPLE WHAMMY: Boystown Walgreens Robbed For 3rd Time This Year

The "corner of happy and healthy" is decidedly less happy these days after a Boystown Walgreens reported being Saturday morning, the third time that the store has been targeted in two months.

Employees were threatened and pepper sprayed in the earlier crimes. But, despite the physical violence, police classified the cases as misdemeanor shoplifting rather than felony robberies.

Offenders entered the store at 3646 N. Broadway mid-morning Saturday, threatened employees, and then fled with 10 bottles of liquor, a witness said.

On January 27, three men in their late teens or early 20’s entered the same store around 9:30AM, Maced an employee, and then fled with 10 packs of Camel cigarettes and two Bluetooth speakers, according to a police report.

The men from January 27 are described as:
• White, wearing a black hoodie with an orange hat and tan pants.
• Black, wearing a black backpack, a black hoodie, and a black ski mask.
• Black, wearing a black hoodie and blue jeans that are ripped at the knees.
An employee told police that the men were also responsible for the first incident at the store, which was reported on January 11.

In that case, three men armed with pepper spray went behind the counter around 9:45AM, took Bluetooth speakers, and then fled toward Halsted Street.

The offenders were described as two black men wearing black face masks and dressed in all black clothing accompanied by one white man dressed in a peacoat.

Illinois law defines robbery as taking another's property through the use of force or the threat of force. Both of the earlier cases clearly meet that test.

Man Robbed In Wrigleyville

Yet another man was robbed on the streets of Wrigleyville early today.

The victim was assaulted by three men who took his wallet and cell phone near the Taco Bell at 1111 W. Addison around 2:30AM.

Police briefly tracked the stolen phone as it pinged its way south on Lake Shore Drive, eventually disappearing as it passed Division Street, a witness said.

The offenders are described as three black men wearing blue or gray hoodies. Two of the men had dreadlocks.
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  1. anyone who has lived near this store for many years, including me, has seen the transformation since the COH came in, and knows where the problem lies. Thanks to COH for having an open house party in our neighborhood 24/7, and for acting so offended when you get called out for it.

    1. I've lived here for nearly thirty years and I agree! The COH needs to do their part to prevent this, otherwise repurpose the building to someone else.

  2. Word. The COH and Crib, etc are the CORE of the problem. Shut them down and you don't need many cops at all. I used to live next to that dump....

  3. Those were "crimes of survival." No one can be expected to survive without liquor, cigarettes, and Bluetooth speakers.

  4. Shoplifting? Right!
    The data manipulation continues.

  5. Lakeview and the gay community are always in favor of diversity and inclusiveness. I am sure they welcomed COH when it first arrived. But anyone with any common sense could have told you this was not going to end well. Hence, "I told you so".

  6. I was just at a local watering hole at Broadway & Addison. The bartender told me that he was working last week (Wednesday, I think) and a man came in to report that he was just robbed of his wallet & cell phone. (1:00am - ish?)

    When the cops came, they said that he was the 5th person mugged within the HOUR. CWB, what do your scanners say? This absolutely terrifies me. Seems you have to be on lock down once the sun goes down. But then again, the criminals are out and about administering their mayhem 24/7.

    I am so sad what has happened to our neighborhood. I'm seriously thinking about moving out. Never thought I'd be entertaining this idea....:(

    1. Sounds like the second item under "other incidents." That victim called for help from a bar at Bwy and Addison.

    2. There is no reason to believe things will get better.
      We have been complaining for many years now and Rahm and Tunney have not increased manpower in our area and the criminals know it.

    3. The reason they're hitting people on the north side is because northsiders don't carry guns, like the south siders do.

  7. Saw the below on Second City Cops. No wonder our neighborhood has gone to hell.

    "Anonymous said...
    Not enough cops. All of them are in the south and west sides. All area gang teams and sat teams who are suppose to be assigned to 020 and 019 are put in 011 and 015 every night. Ppos go south and west. If they do come here they are shipped off after probation. There are not enough sgts either. I know guys complain that why make more white shirts but has anyone looked at the sheets recently??? We had to call another district to have one of those sgts approve some pending case reports because our one Sgt was tied up in the hospital with a serious injury to. P.o. And we had absolutely no supervision on the street. How can you have one Sgt in the street???? Spend money, hire more officers and increase the budget for both officers and sgts.

    3/07/2016 10:21:00 AM"

  8. Time for Walgreens to get security. Human security.