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Men Accused In Saturday Robbery Near Wrigley Field Were Accused Of Another Wrigleyville Robbery In November

Two South Side brothers, accused of robbing a Texas man in Wrigleyville last November, were arrested again early Saturday after they allegedly robbed another man on the same block.

Marcell Townsend (L) and Zikee Townsend (Chicago Police Dept)
The story of Marcell Townsend—portrayed in court records and by police sources as a street-level drug dealer who has frequented Wrigleyville's bar strip for two years—is a blood-boiling tale of Cook County "justice." (His full county criminal court file is laid out below. Take your blood pressure meds before reading.)

And his younger brother Zikee has been following the same path.

“This Is A Mother Fucking Robbery”

A police report that documents last Saturday’s robbery in the 1100 block of W. Addison says Marcell Townsend, 23, brandished a knife and and reached into a suburban man’s pants pocket to take the victim’s wallet while announcing, “this is a mother fucking robbery.”

At the same time, Zikee Townsend, 20, displayed the butt of a handgun in his waistband and said, “Let me get your phone,” the report says.

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The two fled, but were arrested 30 minutes later on the Addison Red Line station platform. No weapons were recovered, according to 44th Ward Alderman Tom Tunney.

During a custody search of Marcell, an officer found a plastic bag containing smaller baggies of suspected cocaine and an officer who searched Zikee reported finding three small baggies of suspected heroin, court records say.

As of yesterday morning, Zikee Townsend was charged with armed robbery in Saturday’s incident while Marcell is charged with possession of a controlled substance. Bail for Zikee and Marcell Townsend is set at $10,000 and $20,000 respectively.

Déjà Vu

The ATM at Addison and Racine where a tourist was robbed last autum
Incredibly, the Townsends were arrested less than a block from the Addison CTA station on November 14 after a Texas man told police that they robbed him of $20 and a Visa debit card as he withdrew money from Wrigleyville ATM.

According to a police report filed at the time, officers drove around Wrigleyville with two witnesses in an attempt to find the offenders. As the patrol car approached Wrigley Field, both witnesses saw the Townsends nearby.

“There they are! Those are the guys that robbed that guy,” officers quoted one of the witnesses as saying. The victim later identified the Townsends as the offenders, too, the report said.

Charges of theft were filed against both men, but the charges were dropped because the victim failed to return from Texas for court.

A Frequent Visitor

Despite living 20 miles from Wrigley Field in the 300 block of W. 109th Street, Marcell Townsend has a storied 2-year history of arrests in Wrigleyville, according to Chicago Police Department and courthouse records.

Yet despite all of the arrests and subsequent charges—the full list is published below—Marcell has only been convicted of two crimes: the December 19, 2014, theft of a woman’s phone in the 3700 block of Clark Street and being in possession of a motor vehicle that was (surprise!) reported stolen in Wrigleyville last summer.

Marcell was sentenced to 18 years of court supervision for the phone theft. A few months later, he pleaded guilty to possessing the stolen car and he received—wait for it—two years of probation, despite already being on court supervision for the next 18 years.

Little Bro

Zikee Townsend, who lives in the 4300 block of S. Martin Luther Kind Drive, has also recorded Wrigleyville arrests, but his only conviction from our neighborhood was for "soliciting unlawful business" in December 2014. The charge is commonly used against persons accused of trying to sell drugs on the public way. Zikee received a 5 day sentence and an accompanying charge of pot possession was dropped.

Zikee is currently on probation for possessing a vehicle that had been reported stolen in Harvey, Illinois.

On Sunday, the state filed violation of probation petitions against both Townsends in connection with their arrests here on Saturday. They are due back in court on April 14.

Cook County Criminal Court Filings—Marcell Townsend (Chronological)

#DateAddress of ArrestChargesAllegationDisposition
HR70789412/27/20097300 S. KingstonCannabisNot AvailableStricken
HS58645710/28/20107100 S. JeffreyCannabisNot AvailableStricken
HT3305186/4/20117200 S. ExchangeCannabisNot AvailableStricken
HV1884273/8/201269th Street Red Line PlatformCannabisNot AvailableStricken
HV1884273/8/201269th Street Red Line PlatformSoliciting on CTANot AvailableStricken
HV57209711/21/20121200 S. IndependenceCannabisNot AvailableDropped by state
HV57209711/21/20121200 S. IndependencePossession of Controlled Substance (2 counts)Not AvailableDropped by state
HW1108171/9/2013100 W. 109thCannabisNot AvailableStricken
Not Available4/7/2013Not AvailablePossession of Controlled SubstanceNot AvailableDropped by state
HW1942973/22/20143300 N. ClarkBatteryPer the police report, a man told police that Townsend became enraged during a verbal altercation and punched the man in the face. During a custody search, police found a clear baggie containing two smaller bags of suspected cocaine protruding from Townsend's waistbandVictim did not appear. Stricken
HW1942973/22/20143300 N. ClarkPossession of Controlled SubstancePer the police report, a man told police that Townsend became enraged during a verbal altercation and punched the man in the face. During a custody search, police found a clear baggie containing two smaller bags of suspected cocaine protruding from Townsend's waistbandDropped by state
HW58747512/29/20133525 N. ClarkPossession of Controlled Substance (2 counts)Not AvailableDropped by state
HW58747512/29/20133525 N. ClarkCannabisNot AvailableDropped by state
HX1095441/10/20147400 S. ExchangeCannabisNot AvailableStricken
HX3192056/26/20143230 N. WiltonTheftPer police report: A man flagged down officers near the Belmont Red Line station and said his friend's phone had just been stolen by a man who fled into a nearby alley. Officers entered the alley and saw Townsend toss an object onto the ground. Townsend was detained and officers determined the object to be the victim's iPhone. Townsend was positively identified by the victim as the person who snatched her phone from her hand.Stricken
HX4356289/24/20146259 S. IndianaCriminal Trespass to VehiclePer police report: Townsend ran a stop sign at 6300 S. Prairie. Police ran the plate and found the vehicle had been reported stolen from the 900 block of W. Addison.Stricken
HX54881612/19/20143702 N. ClarkPossession of Controlled Substance (2 counts)According to court complaints, Townsend was accused of stealing a woman's iPhone. Arresting officers found a Ziploc bag containing suspect cocaine and a plastic bag containing smaller bags of suspect marijuana.Dropped by state
HX54881612/19/20143702 N. ClarkCannabisAccording to court complaints, Townsend was accused of stealing a woman's iPhone. Arresting officers found a Ziploc bag containing suspect cocaine and a plastic bag containing smaller bags of suspect marijuana.Stricken
HX54881612/19/20143702 N. ClarkTheftAccording to court complaints, Townsend was accused of stealing a woman's iPhone. Arresting officers found a Ziploc bag containing suspect cocaine and a plastic bag containing smaller bags of suspect marijuana.Sentenced to 18 years court supervision on January 14, 2015
HY1746483/6/20153507 N. ClarkPossession of Controlled SubstanceNot AvailableDropped by state
HY1746483/6/20153507 N. ClarkCannabisNot AvailableStricken
HY1746483/6/20153507 N. ClarkSoliciting An Unlawful BusinessNot AvailableThrown out by judge (Non Suited)
HY3008536/13/20151234 N. HalstedUnlawful Possession of Motor VehiclePer police report: Officers at a Mobil station saw Townsend ask the clerk for $10 worth of gas, then exit the store and walk past the vehicle that he bought gas for. Suspicious of his conduct, officers ran the vehicle plate and it came back stolen. Townsend was stopped. He told the officers that a guy named "Ralph" at the Cubby Bear in Wrigleyville gave him the vehicle to use. When officers asked where the vehicle's keys were, Townsend said "I don't want no trouble. I threw them behind the fence by the bus stop." Officers went to that location and found the vehicle's keys.Guilty plea. 2 years probation.
HY50078211/14/20151053 W. AddisonTheftFrom court records: Townsend and his brother, Zikee, were accused of taking a Texas man's debit card and $20 as the victim used an ATM near Addison and Racine in Wrigleyville.Victim, a resident of Texas, did not appear in court. Stricken.
CaseDateAddress of ArrestChargesAllegationDisposition

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  1. Can someone please explain to me why these guys are always set free? Is it a matter of Cook County being so broke that they don't want to put any more criminals in jail? Is it because Toni Preckwinkle says there are too many black and brown people in jail?

    1. If you are unfamiliar with Preckwinkle's position...

      “The way our police operate has a disproportionately bad impact on African American communities as well as Latino communities. That’s why I say the jail is the intersection of race and poverty. It’s not an accident that the jail is filled with black and brown people. It’s not a lottery that determines whether you end up in jail. It’s a function of the neighborhood where you live and how the police treat you.”

    2. It stinks that Preckwinkle has made this into a race issue.
      What happened to judging a man by his character rather than the color of his skin. I wonder what MLK would have wanted to happen to a man who stole an automobile.

  2. Give the brothers credit. They know an under-policed, target rich area when they find one.

  3. If Marcell is 23 then I'm in grade school.

    1. I was thinking the same thing!

  4. The PCS charges were dropped because the battery victim didn't come back from Texas, should have been a robbery charge but who am I to say, the Police are not to be trusted so the PCS charges did not have probable cause even thou he was in custody for the Battery. Keep voting Democrat.

  5. After reading this article I would like to see more police brutality.

  6. Thanks for getting us this information CWB, it helps illustrate how little our elected officials care for the tax payers safety. (I'm sure these two file those tax forms on the regular). Keep voting the same keep getting the same results. We need a list of these judges who keep letting these criminals off with slaps on the wrist, I'd be willing to help get the list out around election day to raise awareness. I'm sick and tired of being afraid in my own neighborhood.

  7. Wait... $10k and $20k bail ?? So these drug dealers need only post $1k or $2k to get back on the street? Who the hell are these judges?

  8. What is the incentive for judges NOT to send people like this to jail? Is there some sort of bonus program for judges when they set people free? Seriously, why would a judge NOT incarcerate these two, given their records? I don't get it.

  9. The judges should be put behind bars for crimes against humanity.

    1. Now that is an interesting idea. I feel judges should be held accountable for their actions. They rule their courtroom as if they are above the law, as if abdicating from a monarchical throne. Well, as you say, hold them accountable when they release violent offenders back into civil society without a good reason. They should have to answer for their bad calls but, alas, they are above the law.

  10. What the hell is an 18yr court supervision ?

  11. Liberal policing and punishment ruined cities in the 60s and 70s. It will do it again.

  12. Even though I hate drugs, I drugs were made cheap and legal and readily available like cigarettes are, the cops would not have to waste time over drug busts. However, I imagine these two scumbags would probably turn to strong arm robbery and burglary.

    1. They are entrepreneurial and partook in all of the above!

  13. Why a bunch of idiots we are in this city. We pay taxes while scum like Zekee (what kind of idiots name is that ?) rob and pillage. And we catch them time after time. Give them 10,000 bail. Lol. Crazy. We are ruining the city. How many more years of this can the city take?

    1. Not sure how many more years the city can take. In fact, lots of folks are wondering how many more years THEY can take. I'm one of them. I would prefer to live in the city for the rest of my life, but it looks like that may not be possible due to the violent crime, increased taxes, fees, etc. I pay thru the ass and for what? To be beaten by a pack of rabid savages who won't see a day behind bars? Sorry, but my family's safety is more important. Too bad my kids won't get the city upbringing that I had hoped for them. North Shore, here we come.

  14. "Liberal policing and punishment ruined cities in the 60s and 70s. It will do it again."

    Spot-on observation. I hear Copenhagen, Denmark and Portland, Oregon were hell-holes.

  15. That's just how it is in cook county. How do you think the police feel. Time after time they are arrested and nothing happens. Just imagine the things they have been getting away with.

  16. I feel like such a smuck , trying to ensure I meet all the rules when it comes to city gun rules, safety classes, etc. etc. because I know one misstep and they will nail me to the floorboards if I am not complaint. Then I see this and wonder , hell what's the point of doing the right thing. Guys stealing, dealing drugs, robbing , beating people up, carrying weapons , and nothing happens to them.

  17. Just FYI neighbors -
    These two POS are always hanging around between Wrigley and the lake. I've seen both of them plenty of times. Near Treasure Island, COH, all in those few blocks.
    Watch out.