Wednesday, March 30, 2016

LAND OF BILK & TUNNEY: Latest Manpower Numbers Released—District Is 14 Cops Shy Of Promised Level

19th District staffing levels as provided to Ald. Tom Tunney by the Chicago Police Department
Fresh 19th District manpower numbers are out this evening and, if you're not careful, you might go away thinking that our district gained 19 officers already this year.

But we haven't. We've gained eleven—that's fourteen short of the staffing level promised to us by public officials.

Even the skeptical CWBChicago editors fell victim to the numbers illusion when we wrote our manpower report last Sunday.

But we've had our bearings straightened and we're here to make a correction and to show you exactly how the city's manpower number can be misleading on its face.

The Promise

In late October 2015, 44th Ward Alderman Tom Tunney said he reached an agreement to have 19th District manpower increased by 25 officers in the first quarter of 2016 plus 10 more through the rest of 2016 in exchange for his vote in favor of Chicago's record-setting property tax hike.

This evening, Tunney released 19th district manpower numbers that he received from CPD headquarters. The headcount numbers parallel the numbers that we published earlier this week.

In looking at the grid above, the casual reader would see that our district had 333 total officers during the first 4 weeks ("policing period") of this year.

In the 4th policing period of the year, which began March 27, there are 352 officers.

To the casual eye, that may seem to show an increase of 19 officers this year.

Except that's the wrong comparison.

The correct way to measure manpower change for 2016 is to compare current manpower with the number of officers that we had at the end of 2015—the thirteenth policing period.

So, manpower in the first quarter only increased by 11 officers—14 cops short of the 25 promised.

A Correction

An error was made in our March 27 report regarding 19th District manpower and the promised increase of 25 officers during the first quarter of 2016.

In our report, CWBChicago erroneously used January 2016 manpower numbers as the starting point to determine manpower growth for 2016. That was a mistake. The end of 2015 is the correct starting point to measure change during 2016. We regret the error and we have updated our original report.
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  1. Tunney may have been lied to, but he sure doesn't care that he lied to us in turn. He'll take the salary and pension he's collected for his do-nothing career and get out of here in a few years before the north side falls apart.

    1. Tunney is a chump. He voted for the tax increase and didn't get what was promised in return. Of course he put nothing in place to ensure that the promises were kept. Not to mention he has been overseeing the declining numbers for years. He crud like a baby over the poor roof top owners while he ha dropped the ball on the real task we needed him to do. He owes the machine for his job and has never stood up for us. DUMP him next election.

  2. He may have over promised, and his track record is not the greatest. But the latest disclosure is commendable. (Admittedly in the face of some heat). Tunney is calling on residents of the Ward to directly contact the Mayor's office and CPD to make sure they hear us. Does anyone have a recommended way to do that? (The least likely route to get buried)?

    While I have been told more officers are to come later this year, I will continue to press for the reassignment of officers to the 19th District and will provide updates as they are received. I appreciate the many residents that have emailed and called on me and the Mayor to honor the commitment for more police. I ask for your ongoing support. Please continue calling on Mayor Emanuel and Interim Superintendent Johnson to honor the commitment to bring additional resources to the 19th District. - See more at:

  3. FYI, DNAINFO out w/ the data on the 90%!!! drop in police stops. Both Laquon MacDonald related & ACLU lawsuit driven new paperwork rules. City-wide crime is getting worse.

  4. Seems like the right comparison is between manpower at the end of March vs. manpower when Tunney made his promise in October 2015. My understanding is that he promised 35 additional officers by the end of March (10 in late 2015 + 25 in 2016). So far, we've got 26 more, or roughly 3/4 of what was promised. Not great, but certainly better than the 11/25 you've cited. Hopefully we maintain these additions and build on them in the coming months

    1. He promised 25 additional officers in the first quarter and 10 more through the remainder of 2016. These are to be permanent manpower increases - that is, transfers out, retirements, etc, are to be replaced.

      We're sure the city and politicians would like for you to look at the October 2015 number, as that was the lowest manpower level in the district's history. It's a false starting point and they know it.

      It's not difficult to ask our elected officials to do what they said they would do for public safety, without cutting corners or playing games. Unfortunately, time after time, in this neighborhood, we get corners cut, misstatements, and finger-pointing. If this were the first time that corners were being cut or promises broken, that'd be one thing. But it's a consistent, years-long pattern and we are not forgiving or forgetting.

  5. Once again, politicians lied. Politics is a dirty business anywhere you go, just much more so in Chicago. The fact is Tunney and Rahm and the Superintendent will say and do whatever is in their best interests. When it comes down to it, they DO NOT care about the people they serve. They only care about what is best for their careers. Please remember that even though some people believed that someone had to be killed in one of our neighborhoods for the City to really take crime seriously, Kevin O'Malley was killed in 2015 on Oakdale and we are STILL begging for more manpower.

    Fortunately, CWB and the thousands of people that visit CWB continue to put pressure on these politicians and make them uncomfortable, sweat, and actually earn at least a part of their salaries. Keep fighting!

  6. More cops are coming - and that's a good thing. But crime will continue to be an issue as long as neighbors and visitors allow themselves to be targets. Stumbling home late, leaving doors and windows unlocked, not calling 911 on suspicious people, and not looking out for each other. If we think more cops will mean a cop on every block you're fooling yourselves.

  7. Fact is this: Between the corrupt political culture, the unions, and a voting public that just plain doesn't care.....this city is F'ed.
    Tunney's a putz, for certain.
    But at least that clown tried...a little.
    What about Mr Social Work?
    What about Michelle Do Nothing?
    They're the standard.
    What about Rahm?.....Pathetic.