Sunday, March 27, 2016

EASTER MORNING: Senior Citizen Attacked And Robbed In Her Boystown Apartment Building

UPDATE 8:43PM: CPD has released video of the attack. See it here. They need your help.
A senior citizen was attacked and robbed as she prepared to leave her Boystown apartment building Easter Sunday. Police have issued surveillance images of a suspect.

The attack took place in the lobby of the Cedar Village high-rise, a complex that provides affordable housing for senior citizens in the 3600 block of N. Pine Grove.

Police said the victim was attacked and pushed to the elevator floor as she attempted to step off at lobby level at 8:55AM on Easter Sunday. She was on her way to catch a bus, according to the victim's daughter.

The offender fled in an unknown direction with the victim's wallet.

He is described as a light-complected black or Hispanic male who stands about 6-feet tall and weighs about 200 pounds. He was wearing a black skull cap and a turquoise fleece zip-up jacket.

Anyone with information on the attack or the attacker is asked to call Area North detectives at 312.744.8263. Refer to case number HZ202830.
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  1. Unbelievable,loss for words ...sad

  2. what a fucking piece of shit

  3. But ..b-bb-ut ...bbb-ut, "Crime is down!," shrieked the alderpuss at a recent CAPS meeting and in his little Weekly Reader. You mean he wasn't telling the truth????

    I am really sad this happened to this lady, especially on a day like Easter Sunday, and I wish she had been carrying (and trained to use) a weapon to ward off this POS attacker.

  4. Asshole should be hung from a tree by his nuts.

  5. I hope this piece of shit winds up as a "floater" at the Montrose Harbor 'Horseshoe.'

  6. Well here you go, straight from the horses mouth,er....true Chicago born/raised natives, 40s, best people I met in that city in my 9 years there, straight, liberal, truly believe in diversity, bought home in E. Lakeview a decade ago.....she mentioned this atrocity (I told her I'm aware of it from out of state), she mentioned Tunney and she mentioned that people are leaving the city. What stuck out to me was "We give it another year here at the most".

    You better hang on to those young transplants that are none the wiser along with the tourists because that's all you have left. The penthouses on the lake for rich people to occasionally look down on all of this are only a small percentage of your population and tax base.

    Gays that keep their business to themselves have pretty much been accepted across the nation and the gay ghetto is no longer needed either.