Wednesday, March 30, 2016

COLD BLOODED: Man Accused Of Killing Cabbie In Lincoln Square Robbed Another Cabbie The Next Day, Cops Say

The man who’s accused of fatally shooting a veteran taxi driver during a robbery in Lincoln Square last month is now charged with robbing two other cab drivers—including one on the day after the murder.

Weathers (Cook Co. Sheriffs Dept)
Lamon Weathers, 19, was charged with murder last month after he allegedly hailed a cab and then shot Kamil Shamji in the head as the two sat behind the Sulzer Regional Library, 4455 N. Lincoln.

Now, police have tied Weathers to two more cab robberies—one before the murder and one on the day after.

Prosecutors say a taxi cab surveillance system captured images of Weathers robbing a 47-year-old cabbie at gunpoint in the 400 block of W. Erie around 1:15AM on February 16. The driver was not injured.

And the day after Weathers allegedly killed Shamji, prosecutors say he hailed another cab and robbed its driver at gunpoint in the 800 block of W. Belden near the DePaul campus in Lincoln Park. The next day, the driver recognized Weathers in a mugshot that aired during TV news coverage of his arrest.

The Arrest

Shamji (Image: Chicago Dispatcher)
Chicago police arrested Weathers at a Joliet Metra station on February 24. He was wearing the same clothing as the man who was seen on video shooting Shamji in the head, prosecutors say, and he was carrying a .32 semi-automatic handgun that was later determined to be the murder weapon.

CWBChicago has learned that Weathers was in possession of two cellphones at the time of his arrest. One of them had been used to order the Flash Cab ride that ended with Shamji’s death.

Investigators have also said that Weathers tried to cover up the murder by stealing the video camera from Shamji’s vehicle. Unfortunately for Weathers, the video system’s memory card was left behind.

A Cook County grand jury returned an 18-count true bill against Weathers. It includes 12 murder-related charges, three robbery counts, and three counts of unlawful vehicular invasion.

Bond for Weathers is set at $1 million.
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  1. With all the compelling and damning evidence, I *defy* some liberal-ass lame-ass molly-coddling "judge" to let this guy off with a slap on the wrist. Please please please keep us posted on how this plays out through the courts. POS thugs like Weathers don't deserve to ever see the light of day again.

    1. RAMBO - The Force of FreedomMar 30, 2016, 9:21:00 AM

      He should be set on fire, melted down, and the mud of his corpse should be used to fill pot holes.

  2. Thanks threshold.

  3. Wish Illinois still had the death penalty. This POS deserves to fry.

  4. As with so many,a sad senseless killing. He would have easily handed over the money. Is a lifetime in prison worth a likely paltry sum of money?

    Idiots everywhere..... RIP Mr. Shamji.

  5. As in the neighborhood, which is replete with garages facing isolated alleys ... Dear God! SOMEbody, wake up, get VISIBLE police out here!

    Lincoln Park mother robbed at gunpoint in her garage

  6. Fuck you lamon. You sit behind a man and shoot him in the head for a few fares. And your pathetic crime spree included keeping the murder weapon, keeping the phone you called the can with and to top it off you rip the camera out but you are too fucking stupid to realize it was being recorded elsewhere. I hope you die in prison when you pull your shit with some real cons.

    1. Oh yeah, cons are deep down noblemen who abide by an ethical code. What a statement. I hope you interpreted my sarcasm. He'll be cast the "victim." He'll live a long life, wether behind bars or not, and you will support his existence one way or another.

  7. Such a shame. Condolences to Mr Shamji's family. What a terrible way to die and for no good reason. Heartbreaking!

  8. The cops do all the great work to nail this guy, and what do they get? protests and people spitting in their faces. the protests should be held to call out the judges that set these people free time and time again. and the parents that "raise" these kids in the first place.