Tuesday, March 22, 2016

AND AGAIN: Witness Sees Burglars Kick In Door, Walk Out With Safe And Electronics

You have to feel for the area’s latest burglary victim, oblivious to the break-in spree that has infested our 19th District since October.

The man's home monitoring service called around 5:15 Tuesday evening to let him know that his home burglar alarm had been activated.

Not wanting to bother the police with such trivialities, the good citizen called 911 to let dispatchers know that they should ignore the call—it was just a false alarm.

What he didn’t know is that police officers were already inside his home in the 400 block of W. Roslyn Place. And they had some bad news.

While the alarm company was calling the homeowner, a witness was calling 911 to report that two men had just kicked in the victim's back door and walked out with a white safe along with some electronics. They fled in a vehicle that had Georgia license plates.

Worth It?

Radcliffe (top) and Ruff
A first-time burglary conviction in Illinois typically brings a 3-year prison sentence, so most people see the risk-reward scale tipping heavily toward risk.

But, CWBChicago just received a list of items that were taken during a burglary in the 3700 block of N. Lakewood in late December. The list is pretty remarkable:
• $100 Sony Blue Ray player
• $400 PlayStation 3
• $350 worth of video games
• $1,500 Macbook Pro
• $300 Samsung Tablet
• $600 car keys
• $100 watch
• $400 iPad
• $400 Nexus 9 tablet
• $650 Nexus 6 tablet
• $50 iPhone 5
…and a $5 Chicago Blackhawks 2010 hockey puck
The homeowner was on vacation at the time of the burglary. He returned home and found his back door unlocked.

Two men are charged with the crime: 18-year-old Dezmond Radcliffe of Morgan Park and  19-year-old Eli Ruff of West Englewood. Bail is set at $200,000 and $500,000 respectively.

Ruff’s name may sound familiar. Less than three weeks after the Lakewood burglary, he and two other men were accused of severely beating a 77-year-old Wrigleyville woman during an early morning home invasion.

Ruff, Tracie Towbridge, and Lilearl Taylor all face charges of attempted murder, robbery of a senior citizen, aggravated battery of a senior citizen, and more.

Another Alert

And, finally, Chicago police detectives have issued still another burglary alert for Lakeview. Garage burglaries are the focus of the latest warning.

Detectives say thieves stole bicycles after slipping into at least three garages: In the 1400 block of W. Grace around 4:15AM on March 15; in the 1200 block of W. Roscoe between 11AM and 1PM on March 16; and in the 3700 block of N. Sheffield between 9AM and 6:30PM on March 17.
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  1. Stop it!!! That MF-er is one of the offenders that beat the old lady?!?! You're good, CWB. He needs to be executed. The Wood and the hundreds, yet they're in Lakeview. Wow. Keep talking to your neighbors until they see what's really going on. They won't though, it easier to not live in reality.

  2. So now the alarm companies are going to ignore their alerts too. I mean if the homeowner doesn't care, why should they? Just collect the money. This is the most bizarre scenario yet.

  3. Whomever let Ruff out after this serious burglary should be held responsible for the attempted murder of the 77-year-old lady. My God, the judges, prosecutors and parole board's actions have consequences. This time, a senior citizen who has worked hard & paid taxes all her life was nearly beaten to death by three scumbags who should have been locked up. I hope her family sues the judge (or whoever is responsible) for setting this cretin free to continue his criminal behavior, which nearly cost this woman her life.

    I am sick to death of hardened and dangerous career criminals being set free to walk among us and continue their reign of terror on the good, hard-working folks of Chicago. If things don't start to turn around pretty quick, I may put up a for sale sign. : (

  4. Does anyone have an update on the lady from the home invasion? Is she doing better and home? I hope?

    That said, what the hell was this guy doing on the street again? What was bail and how did he post it?

  5. Why was Ruff out on bail after he broke into Lakewood.
    Can the 77 year old woman Ruff beat sue the judge our the court for not locking up Ruff?

  6. You've got to be fucking kidding me - Getting ride of Alvarez was only the first step toward ridding this city of the scumbags that run it and live in it.

  7. Will he post bond and go for the hat trick? Unbelievable.

  8. Ruff Ruff, your going to prison Dawg.

  9. Replies
    1. Computer chipped keys...

    2. Not just computer chipped keys, they were probably keyless entry "smart keys", etc. The basic computer chipped actual KEY is probably about $200 after you have it "programmed" by the dealer which takes them all but 32 seconds, if that.

      One of the biggest scams on earth worse than the mark-up on alcohol at your local tavern.

  10. Ask your elected Democratic representatives why Eli Ruff was out on bond from the first incident. Was it an I bond? The judge needs to explain their rational. This is our version of ISIS.