Sunday, March 06, 2016

AND AGAIN: Burglars Target ATMS At *Another* Wrigleyville Bar

Yet another Wrigleyville business has reported that burglars broke in and stole money from its automatic teller machines. It's the fourth business along Clark Street to report an ATM burglary since December.

The targeted ATMS are built into storefronts so passers-by can withdraw money from the street.

The owner of Yak-Zies bar, 3710 N. Clark, called police around 9:30 Saturday morning after he discovered both of his ATMs had been damaged inside the business, which is currently closed for renovation.

One ATM had been knocked over and the machine that’s built into the storefront had its vault pried open, police said.

A source said the thieves apparently drilled door locks to access the business.

Earlier Cases

Wrigleyville’s ATM burglary problem began on December 12, when employees found the cash machine safe drilled open at  Reflexion Salon on the corner of Clark and Sheffield.

In January, a storefront-mounted ATM was burglarized at the shuttered Goose Island Brewery near Clark and Addison.

Then, last month, an ATM was broken into at a former pizza restaurant at 3509 N. Clark.


ATMs aren’t the only source of cash for the greedy thieves who target businesses after hours.

The owners of restaurant in the 1400 block of W. Montrose reported that burglars broke into their shop early Thursday morning and took a small safe that contained $5,000 cash.
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  1. I wonder if there is any correlation between the uptick in crime in the area and the reduction in the police in the same area?

  2. I still don't understand the exterior ATMs in a large city, especially one with high crime. Worse yet is how they emit the LOUD tone with each key you press. I never used them even before Lakeview was under attack.

    1. Then you don't understand that we are all victims of laws put in place to benefit the disabled. The ATM's are outside so that someone in a wheelchair does not have to navigate through a door. The ATM's are low so that someone in a wheelchair can reach the keys. The keys emit loud tones so that someone who is blind can hear them. So the good news is if you are blind and in a wheelchair you are all set if you want to go out to an ATM.

    2. The tones are for blind people.

    3. I don't understand criminals and thieves. I also don't understand why criminals and thieves are portrayed as victims and are treated with kindness. They're predators and cancerous. Keep victim blaming though. Next, "I don't see why ATMs aren't limited to bank vaults lined with security guards, cameras, built in silent rooms."