Monday, February 01, 2016

Carjackers Strike 3 Times In A Week (And They Target An Undercover Cop, Too)

The 19th police district, which recorded three carjackings in all of 2015, managed to rack up three carjackings just last week—and a source says some of the suspects are responsible for trying to carjack a covert police narcotics unit in the West Ridge neighborhood, too. No one is in custody.

Image: Family Guy
It all started last Monday evening when a woman who drives for Lyft and Uber was pushed to the ground and robbed of her car by a man who claimed to have a gun near Sheridan Road and Pine Grove.

Jacked In Roscoe Village

Almost exactly 24 hours later, a Roscoe Village au pair was talking to a friend in his car near Damen and School when three men approached the couple, produced a handgun, and demanded that they surrender the vehicle, according to a source.

The three offenders—described only as three white or Hispanic men in their early- to mid-20’s—drove off in the man’s silver Jeep Cherokee. One of the robbers covered the lower half of his face with a mask, the victims said.

Officers in the neighboring 17th district spotted the Jeep at a gas station near Foster and Kimball about two hours after the incident, but the offenders managed to slip away, police said.

Undercover Targeted

A source tells CWB Chicago that an on-duty narcotics officer working in the 6100 block of N. Mozart broke cover after three men approached his covert vehicle and stuck a 9-millimeter handgun in his face during an attempted carjacking around 7PM on Thursday.

Tellingly, all three offenders were later seen jumping into a silver or gray Jeep Cherokee, the source said.

The targeted officer described the offenders as clean-shaven Middle Eastern men between 18- and 22-years-old. The one who brandished the gun is thin. He wore blue jeans and is about 5’6” tall. One of the others is described as “really fat.”

The undercover hold-up attempt is listed along with the Roscoe Village carjacking in a newly-released police crime pattern alert.

Closer To Home 

Image: CWBChicago reader "CL"
Around 3:20AM Saturday, a 19-year-old man was reportedly beaten and carjacked by three men who brandished a handgun at the intersection of Addison and Lake Shore Drive.

A tow truck driver who was waiting for police to arrive for a hit-and-run traffic crash (photo) saw the carjacking unfold, according to a source.

The suspects in Saturday’s incident are described as two Hispanic men and one black man. They fled southbound on Inner Lake Shore Drive in the victim’s white Saturn Vue. The victim was treated for his injuries and released.
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  1. Rumors are that the Roscoe Village "car jacking" was an insurance scam. (criminals are so smart)

    1. Where did you hear this from, just curious was right around from corner from where I live and this would put my GF at ease.

    2. Some neighbors talked to the family and the girl in the car is an au pair. Her friend set up the car jacking without her "knowledge". It third hand but the people who talked to them are credible so something is fishy about the car jacking narrative. Perhaps CWB can find out more form the police reports. Like your GF, my wife and friends were relieved that it appeared not to be a car jacking.

    3. Yeah, and Big Bird was the trigger man, Earnie was the driver and Bert was the lookout. Oh yeah, miss Piggy was along for the ride too. The under cover narcotics guy was trying to get insurance money. Oh wait, he forgot that the car belongs to the city. Cover blown.

  2. I'm not knocking the police but would really like to know how they targeted an on-duty undercover cop and were able to elude capture.

    1. Due to a RAP.

    2. RIGHT?! On TV they always get their man. That's why I like to pretend I live in my TV.

    3. Maybe because Tiny Dancer has dictated that cops must try to reason with criminals instead of pulling their weapon. Even ones that are armed.

  3. The SunTimes made a point of "insisting" all the assailants were WHITE.

  4. Always drive with your doors locked. Leave space in front of the car in front of you so you can maneuver around someone who approaches your car.