Tuesday, January 19, 2016

OVERACHIEVING: Neighborhood Racks Up More Robberies By January 10th Than In Entire Month Last Year

Whew.  The new year is off to a rough start, with Wrigleyville and Boystown reporting more street robberies by the 10th of this month than in the entire month of January last year.

Nine muggings were reported in the first 10 days of this year while the area had only eight for the entire month of January last year. There were nine for the full month of January 2014, records show.

More incidents were reported this weekend, too:

• Witnesses reported that a 43-year-old male CTA employee was knocked unconscious and robbed at the Belmont CTA station around 3:45AM on Saturday. The victim was transported to Thorek Hospital for treatment, but police would not immediately confirm that he had been robbed.

• A victim was jumped and robbed by four men in the 3600 block of N. Fremont shortly after midnight Sunday morning. The robbers took the man's wallet and cellphone before fleeing into a nearby alley. Officers tracked down three suspects who were positively identified by the victim.

The offenders may have been leaving a large party that involved an estimated 100 "kids" in the 900 block of Addison, police said.

• A man who was simply walking to his car reported that two men approached him and punched him in the face before demanding his valuables around 6:30PM on Sunday near Barry and Southport. The two offenders fled in a silver vehicle, the victim said. He was treated at Illinois Masonic Medical Center.

Grill Targeted

Employees of the Diner Grill, 1635 W. Irving Park Road, reported being robbed at gunpoint around 3:40AM on Saturday.

A white man wearing a ski mask entered the restaurant and displayed a handgun, the victims said. He fled in a silver or gray SUV which may have been an Explorer or Expedition.

An employee later found a spent shell casing on the kitchen floor, police said.

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  1. Well, they can't blame it on Garry McCarthy anymore.
    Has Compstat meetings been relegated to the trash heap of history?

  2. Word must have reached the suburbs that Chicago is such an easy target that law-abiding citizens are starting to get into the act.

  3. Again at 3600 block of N. Fremont ...as in RIGHT NEXT TO THE POLICE STATION!
    Seriously we have issues if people come into our "hood" and are brazen enough to do this right next to the police station.
    Glad they got these "kids"....any info on the "three suspects who were positively identified"??

  4. This summer a fellow neighborhood resident and I intervened when we found a young girl passed out cold in the grass at the NE corner of Wilton and Addison surrounded by 5 or so kids - Her friends were equally smashed and when we called the girl's parents from her cell phone they arrived in minutes. I have to imagine the party of 100 "kids" probably hosted that girl again, among others. Being a stupid kid in the burbs is one thing, but being really stupid kid in the city is another entirely.

  5. Well, this is right literally in my neighborhood. Me and my concealed carry might have a surprise in store for someone sooner or later.