Monday, January 04, 2016

NEW YEAR, OLD ME: Criminals Get To Work For 2016

It didn't take long for the North Side ne'er-do-wells to get down to business in 2016.

1:10AM JANUARY 1 — Police respond to Wrigleyville's first robbery of 2016. A man reports that two offenders jumped and mugged him at Clark and Waveland.

2:45AM JANUARY 1 — The area's first burglary of the new year is reported by a homeowner in the 3700 block of N. Lakewood.

5:24AM JANUARY 1 — The 19th district runs out of officers to handle calls for the first time this year. Calls are backlogged in so-called "Radio Assignments Pending" status for over three hours, ending at 9:10AM.

Robbery #2

Wrigleyville's second robbery of the new year came at 7 o'clock last night. A witness called police to report men "fighting" between two homes in the 3600 block of N. Fremont. As it turns out, the witness was actually seeing one of their neighbors getting mugged.

The offenders, described as two black men dressed in all black clothing, fled the area in a red vehicle—possibly a Toyota, according to a witness. They earned a grand total of $50 in the crime. Or, the amount they each could have made by working two hours at a real job.

UPDATE JANUARY 11: City crime data shows that the Fremont incident was actually the neighborhood's third robbery of the new year. Another person was robbed at the Sheridan Red Line station around 9AM on January 1.

Image: Wilson Info
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  1. I'm sorry - the same 3600 Fremont that's approximately... right next to the police station?! When these guys are brazen enough to rob right in front of law enforcement, where won't they go? (But really, a pretty dumb risk-benefit calculation there too)

    1. During open roll call the thieves will go out back and break into the coppers cars.

    2. Crime is EVERYWHERE in Chicago. And it seems the mayor and his goons don't give a shit about it.

      CWB, what are your thoughts on WHY the "law makers" or whomever the F these worthless POS are.....just permit and allow all the criminal activity in our area by not having adequate policing levels, an AD who consistently gives probation or drops charges & judges who consistently gives REPEAT VIOLENT OFFENDERS chance after chance to turn their lives around, when we all know that is bupkis.........hence, the inevitable migration of tax paying city dwellers to other areas?

      Is there a reason why the mayor & his minions allow the criminals to wreak havoc on once, safe neighborhoods?? If I was mayor, I would first be appalled that the rest of the world called my town "Chi-rac," but I'd be more pissed that the few, remaining "good neighborhoods" (who pay taxes) were under attack and that these tax-payers were leaving in droves....or at least talking about it. Why wouldn't the mayor & his minions want at least a "couple-two-tree" safe areas to remain in Chicago for his tax-paying base?? I don't get it. Seems he wants the entire city to be a gang infested hell hole and fail....driving all the good people out. What is the sinister plan here??? Make ya thing, huh? : ) are the true voice of the city and our hood. Thank you.

  2. Whoa....where are these $25/hr jobs for our working class criminals? Minimum wage in Chicago is $10. More like a 5 hour work day for these outstanding citizens.

    1. Well, we figured they made $25 each and probably could find a $12.50 job with their powers of persuasion.

    2. My friend can get at least $12 an hour standing in front of Home Depot in the morning and taking day labor jobs.

  3. Welcome to Hell, 2016.

  4. 7 o'clock and a stone's throw from the police station...what's next, a hold up IN the station. Really miserably sad for Lakeview.

  5. Did anyone else see a 2 guys with slight builds around 4:30 am January 1st (late night following NYE) at Waveland and Wilton/ Fremont (alley)? We were on the back deck facing the alley but couldn't make out a proper description or what they were doing. I was inclined to call 911, but knew they would give me grief for them not committing a crime; I only saw one hopping the fence and the other being a lookout, then the other hopping the fence a minute later. We never heard a door kick in or any glass break. The other crimes that night were very close to Waveland and Wilton. Just wondering if anyone else saw anything.

    1. I think you may have been taken seriously, and a cop might have driven by by 6

  6. Another great example of why I am loving the fact that I sold my condo last November (for more than asking) and moved. Sooner or later I would have been a victim - as I used to live darn close to 3600 Freemont. The fact that the police station is located close by - means almost nothing to the perps. What matters more is that they have the Crib and the Center on Halsted to hang at and to cover for them.

  7. Loved Lakeview....and I moved out.
    Put a great condo, great location, with a great view up for sale last Fall.
    Sold it for the same good-deal price (and it was a very good price) I bought it 3 years ago. 0% appreciation. Zero.
    WHY? Why go to through the hassle?
    Because the Three Stooges flat out refuse to do ANYTHING.
    So let me say this: F-you Little Tommy. You too Mr Social Work and Michelle DO Nothing. F-you for abandoning this neighborhood.
    You could stand up and DO something. But you don't. Nothing.
    I'm gone. And I'm not alone by a long shot.
    To everybody who's left, I suggest you rev up your best Howard Beale imitation. And you'd better get on it now. Save the F bombs for any of your neighbors who dare to say they'll vote for these alder-stooges.
    Throw the bums out. Half a billion in property tax increases as we get squat.
    Thanks so much to CWB for shining a light on the truth, when the people who (supposedly) work for us are doing everything they can to cover it up.
    Keep up the good work.