Sunday, January 10, 2016

More Break-Ins Saturday As ABC7 Profiles Woman Beaten In Wrigleyville Home Invasion

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Hopes that a two-month long burglary spree in our neighborhood would end with yesterday's capture of three suspects following a brutal Wrigleyville home invasion have been dashed.

Two Boystown residents yesterday reported chasing intruders from their homes and at least one home was burglarized.

Around 7:30 Saturday night, a woman returning to her home in the 900 block of Newport discovered a back window open, her dog barking, and a man running out her back door.

At about the same time, another resident on the same block reported a burglary. (Update: As of 9 o'clock Sunday morning, this man is still waiting for an evidence technician to arrive.)

And, 40 minutes later, a man on the next block over reported that an unknown man had just run out of his apartment in the 900 block of Cornelia.

The Cornelia resident described the offender as being a black man in his mid- to late-20's who was wearing a gray beanie hat and a gray or blue hoodie.

Yesterday's home invasion victim. (ABC7)

ABC7 Home Invasion Report

Friends and family of the 77-year-old Wrigleyville woman who was severely beaten in yesterday morning's home invasion at 3640 N. Magnolia spoke with ABC7's John Garcia and Evelyn Holmes.

The video report, posted HERE, is solid on the facts and it provides a touching introduction to the victim.

Other Reports

The city's crime reporting portals are not updating properly as we post this. However, the following burglaries have been confirmed through other sources since our last update on the break-in spree:

Wednesday, January 6:  700 block of W. Belmont. Penthouse apartment. Forcible entry burglary.

Thursday, January 7: 3100 block of N. Kenmore. Unlawful entry burglary to an apartment.
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  1. Takes a special kind of savage beast to inflict such horror and suffering on a defenseless lady 77 years old. Praying she survives .. but how could she ever be the same? Damn them .. special place in hell. Where is a serious GANG task force for all this danger, terror, misery and chaos?? How can they look the other way with it all .. who's going to get in the face of the prince and alderfools and demand action and not stop til it's a reality?

    God bless you all, CWB .. your efforts and dedication are irreplaceable!

    1. First, how terrible and despicable. I had an elderly neighbor growing up two doors down, Fran, whose husband was deceased. She came home from the store and a man who, we'll just say didn't live in the neighborhood, was in her garage. He beat her nearly to death and tied her up after ransacking her home. These people WILL NEVER BE REFORMED. The evil inside of such an individual is never removed and the masses who disregard such a warning are beyond naive.

      You see how they treat innocent people. Do you think they say, "oh, hey coppers, ya got me" and place their hands behind their back? My friend, this city and country is in dire straits. These people, their friends and their families are very aggressive, threatening and emotional with police. They love the confrontation and feeling like we capitulated. This will continue to get worse until citizens say "enough, we finally realize cops don't hit or shoot people for no good reason. Please, confront these people and use the force you deem necessary. You won't be sued by the bad guy and his family." If that were to happen, you'd see the return of very motivated cops. I remember CPD in the 90s when I was growing up. Now, at work, I see every day people outwardly threatening us. The predators we deal with have zero fear of us anymore and man, they're absolutely loving it.

    2. Excellent! I wish more people would think like you!

  2. I really need to stop checking my e-mail before breakfast!

  3. Hey Tom. How about inviting the 77 year old woman to be your guest of honor at your next ribbon cutting/photo op at a new hot dog stand - that's if she is out of the hospital by then.

    1. Don't forget his photo op for the seniors brunch/lunch. Tom-tom your joke.

    2. Tunneys doesn't give a shit about anything over here in ward 44. Why should he? He got re-elected to a part-time job that pays like $115,000 a year, and he doesn't have to lift a finger. I bet he doesn't even know this wonderful lady was terrorized. And if he does, he'll send out some POS news alert way later in the week, and will surely proclaim that his office is "looking into" ways to reduce crime, and that he will "work closely" with whomever to rectify the matter.

  4. Unbelievable, and just as the tax bills arrive. Thanks for letting us know what is really going on.

  5. So any word on those extra police we were promised for the tax hike? Because I'd rather just pay less taxes on my home.

  6. There is a special place in hell for people who did this.

  7. You, I and everyone who reads this blog knows that our area will get zero additional police this year and in the years to come. It is all was all smoke any mirrors It was all a sham and will continue in the future. They smothered Tunny with promises that they knew would never come to life. He smiled and they pulled the string to his right hand He was one of the first to vote for the (550? +) million in tax increase.
    But now in his blog, he is very worried that people are not putting their Christmas trees out to be re-cycled. I think he needs to sit down and make a list for 2016 of things to be done . . . and #1 would be - more police not Christmas tree pickups.