Friday, January 15, 2016

Lakeview Woman Hides In Bathroom As Burglars Break In

A Lakeview woman barricaded herself inside a locked bathroom as burglars broke into her home in the 3800 block of N. Wayne around 11:30 this morning. She was not injured.

According to a source, the suspects rang the woman's doorbell, knocked on her front door, and then broke into her home, believing that it was vacant.

It was not.

The woman rushed into her bathroom and dialed 911, but she was unable to offer much information to the dispatcher as she was afraid that the sound of her voice would draw the attention of the intruders.

The burglars escaped with the woman's iPad and a PlayStation 4, police said.

A witness saw two suspects flee the area in a green pick-up truck with a camper top covering the bed and orange license plates. The witness believes one man and one woman were responsible. One of them had long dreadlocks, the witness said.

Today's break-in occurred about three blocks from the scene of Saturday's home invasion in which a 77-year-old woman was severely beaten by burglars. Three men are charged with that crime.

Other Incidents

The list of burglaries in our area continues to grow. However, investigators are hopeful that the home invasion arrests will bring resolution to other cases.

Among other recent burglaries reported to CWB Chicago editors are:

• 3100 block of N. Kenmore on January 7.
• 3900 block of N. Clark on January 10.
• 900 block of W. Belmont on January 11.
• 1800 block of W. Cornelia on January 12.

And these incidents have been confirmed by Chicago police since our last burglary update on Sunday:

DateBlockDescriptionLocation Description
"Forcible entry" means that the offenders forced their way in, typically by breaking through a door or window. "Unlawful Entry" means that no force was used--a window left unlocked, for example.

An Arrest

Cline (Cook Co. Sheriff's Office)
In a piece of good news, Chicago police arrested career criminal John Cline, 42, as he allegedly committed a burglary in the 3600 block of N. Western on January 6.

Bail is set at $250,000.

Cline has been sentenced to a combined 36 years in prison for burglaries since 1991, although he has only served a fraction of those years, state records show. According to Illinois Department of Corrections records, Cline has received the following sentences:
• 6 years for residential burglary in 2011
• 3-1/2 years for attempt burglary in 2002
• 6 years for residential burglary in 1995
• 6 years for residential burglary in 1994
• 5 years for residential burglary in 1992
• 5 years for residential burglary in 1991
• another 5 years for residential burglary in 1991  
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Image: Doorbell from Electric Haggis
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  1. On an unrelated note, Walmart Express at Addison and Broadway is closing for good next week. I wonder if they had a shop-lifting problem. While I did not love the Walmart, it was a million times better than Jewel :(

    1. That store is one of 270 Walmarts closing globally. I have no idea if they had a problem or not, but the decision was part of a larger strategic move for the company

    2. If shoplifting were the reason for closing, then Walgreens next door would be closing too. I shopped at that Walmart often. I could walk away with four bags under $25, and I will miss it. Main reason why it's closing is it's too close to its Diversey store, which sadly has no free parking. Walmart is so used to high volume, any store operating under 80% product moving off shelves in 2 weeks gets shut down. It's a sad week....

    3. Watch the Jewel prices skyrocket just as they did a year before it was known Walmart was arriving.

    4. Happy to say my scumbag former roommate shoplifted at that Walgreens and got caught. It was her third offense in a year here in Chicago, so she probably got a month's probation and a $25 fine.

    5. Hmmm.....I lost contact with one of my Boystown bar acquaintances (read not "friend") over the years and wondered what happened to him. I googled his name and it pulled up numerous mugshots all related to shoplifting. He did some brief time in the clink for this too.

      Maybe we should reconsider why so many otherwise, seemingly decent people have to shoplift in order to afford to live in Chicago. Sorry but I made a decent salary but was struggling there and could not justify the prices for anything including housing, restaurant food, gas. Come to find out just about everyone I befriended there was running some shady thing on the side. Not my thing. Throw in the crime and I left Chicago permanently.

    6. Last time I was there I was almost sure I saw a man hide something (I think a bottle of wine) under his big, loose coat and walk right out. I might have said something, but the cashier was too busy gabbing with a co-worker.

      That said, I doubt shoplifting is the reason they are closing. That store offered great deals on some select items, but that was about all it had to offer. Awkward layout, poor product selection, and the slowest, most apathetic employees on the planet. I won't miss it.

    7. Wasn't that Walmart-Express one of Tommy Tunney's little pet projects he ramrodded through the various zoning and approval channels?

    8. I've always seen this wal-mart packed with customers so i know they made big money, but it was the slow lines and lazy employees who were rude to all the customers, I wouldn't be surprised they lost lots of money to internal employee theft and horrible customer service. Only store i've been in that the cashiers wore rubber gloves ringing you up on register.

  2. CWB, would you have any info re: Stand Your Ground or Castle Doctrine laws in Illinois?

    1. Try

  3. 36 years??? He should STILL be in jail! No matter what the sentence is, they only serve a fraction of it. There is no deterrent to crime. These a-holes just laugh in our faces. They go to the big house for a short period, rest up, and then their back on the street to terrorize the general public. Disgusting.

    1. Honestly, I'm shocked he spent any time locked up at all. Disgusting is right.

  4. does anyone know how they decide the sentence?

  5. and there seems to be no reform in prison

    1. actual reform would end the prison industrial complex

    2. So would not breaking the law.

    3. Yes, end the prison industrial complex, genius. Prison is not hard, aside from the predator-on-predator violence. Think about it. They have social, medical, educational, job-placement programs, access to legal libraries, food, media, exercise, including weights, games, etc. Prison is not a punishment, face it. It's sad that violence occurs in jails but this is from their violent inmates. Prison needs reform alright; more severe punishments!!! It needs to be a place that people want absolutely no part of.

      The military, for example, allows for three days of bread and water under the UCMJ. This is actually still used quite prolifically in the marines and navy brigs. While I was never in that type of trouble, I've known people in my commands that were. They weren't pittied. On the contrary, we shunned them for their behavior that led to such punishment, quite deservedly. Bare in mind that this punishment is afforded to non-judicial punishment authority (not even a court-marshal!). This punishment, if I recall correctly, was authorized by the rank of O-6 commanding officers. More agrevious offenses are referred to court marshals.

      It must also be stated that these punishments are not for major crimes but for offenses such as insubordination and minor violent offenses, such as fighting fellow sailors or marines and DUI. If you were to act like these predators in our more "civil society," that is the civilian world, you would face UCMJ and a dishonorable or bad conduct discharge and barred from reenlistment.

      In the civilian world, criminals are protected at a rate seemingly more so than the communities and persona they victimized. People cry on their behalf, not their victims. Can you please explain your rationale to me? I'm honestly and utterly confused by your mentality.

  6. If the rising citywide shootings/homicides are any indication it's going to get real busy around here once it warms up. Get ready for a wild summer.

    1. B-bb-bbb .. bb. but, "Crime is down!"
      Thomas Tunneys said so himself.

  7. RE Mr Cline (above) Another bad day for the neck tattoo.
    First observable sentencing begins when he's 18.
    My guess - he wasn't a stranger to the system on that day either.

  8. This guy should get a term of 20 years and no parole. Perhaps when he is 62 he will have outgrown his criminal ways.