Thursday, January 14, 2016

HE GONE: Judge Hands Down 23 Year Prison Term For Lincoln Park Robbery

A 23-year-old South Side man has been sentenced to 23 years in prison after pleading guilty to robbing a Lincoln Park woman at gunpoint in September 2014.

Jonathan Ben allegedly donned a ski mask and brandished a blue steel revolver when held the woman up near Wrightwood and Clark around 6:15AM on September 18, 2014.

19th district cops tracked the victim's iPhone and eventually caught up with Ben on a southbound Ashland bus. Cops said they found the victim's phone and Macbook in Ben's possession along with a 5-shot revolver.

About a week before his arrest, another woman reported being robbed at gunpoint by a ski-masked man in the same area. In that case, the offender fired a shot at the woman when she chased after him. Ben was not charged in that case.
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  1. 23 years. OK! That seems pretty good, even if he only serves 1/2 of it.
    Now if we could only get him to pay the bill for his accommodations.
    And just a guess: This wasn't Mr Ben's first 'interaction with the system'. Or second Or third.

  2. Finally a Judge to vote for! And his or her name is?

  3. Pled guilty and got 23 years? Wow.

  4. Wow! Good job cops, victim, ASAs and judge. Finally, justice.

  5. Great news. And, icing on the cake, his photo indicates someone else appreciates that Robert Vacha/Jacob Lapinskas chia-chia pet type hair style! By the way, check out little Robert's/Jacob's latest Facebook news! No longer an inhabitant of Boystown!! He's Miami's problem now. God be with them down there .....

    1. Robert Vacha/Jacob Lapinskas has moved out of the area before...but he always returns, like bedbugs and other parasites. He will be back at the Center on Halsted in no time.

  6. do these guys have lawyers

  7. I feel bad because he ruined his own life...NOT!